In blogging, as in life, I am inconsistent, and my views change!!

I love getting comments. Some of the comments I get add to my thinking, send me off on a different tangent, make me re-think, make me smile, and makes me very grateful for those who read, and take the time and effort to comment.

I hate some of the comments I get. Especially those that offer advice that drives me mad, which I perceive as patronising. Those who make me irritated. Those who make me wonder why you bother reading this if what I say annoys you so much.

However, I don’t want a “no comment policy” and the vast majority do fall into the category of comments I love, so you are very welcome to add comments.

But, if your comments fall into the category of comments I hate, and my reasons are not exhaustive, I am at liberty to delete them

You are, of course, at complete liberty not to read this blogĀ or comment if what I say annoys the hell out of you, expresses an opinion you disagree with, or has you wondering what planet I live on, I happen to quite enjoy Planet Japes, thank you, I accept it’s an odd little place, and much of what I express about it is confusing. I live in confusing times, and this is my way of helping myself to cope with it. If I confuse and bemuse you too much, please go away.

Thank you.


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