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Giggling madly at myself.

Ah… nothing like a dose of the brutally honest teenager for a good reality check.

I’ve been giggling madly at his assessment of me all afternoon. Fortunately, considering that assessment was that he couldn’t talk to me, (I couldn’t actually get a word in edgeways for the fifteen minutes he was with me!) he managed to give me more than enough information for me to assess him and get the appropriate processes under way!

In the meantime, I have concluded I am grateful for the week off next week, that my taste for chocolate has returned, and has been celebrated, and I am off for an early night, as tomorrow has once more been turned upside down, and I will be dealing with the horridly unexpected again. I have a night’s notice this time though, rather than the five minutes I had last time.


Life has been full of them!

Topics have been many and varied, including the vexed question of how to get the photos off my phone, and onto the computer (we’re working on it!) the astonishment generated by me picking up a Bible and finding what we were talking about instantly, (it’s very easy to bamboozle the non-church going, non- reading book using older teenage boy with simple skills like finding the Gospel according to Luke..)  how to tackle the initial phone call to ask about a job, labelling theory, and many, many more.I can’t say I completed the day’s set tasks, but I had much more fun in this job today than I’ve had for a while now.

Yesterday’s long dreaded official conversation, however, went remarkably well, and I came away with a simple task to do, to get the next stage of the process under way. I feel much, much calmer about the future, unclear as much of it still is.

Base over Apex

appears to have caught the fancy of some of my readers!!

It is the polite version of what I was thinking at the time… (where’s a blushing emoticon when a Japes needs it?!) as my thoughts were really not suitable for a family website. In an e-mail I sent to someone where I was ranting about the job situation, I referred to it being “interesting”, which got the response “Interesting is an interesting word to use!” My response was “I was trying to be polite!”

I digress! “Base over Apex” has been a well used phrase in my vocabulary for many years, I have no idea where I acquired it from. Unlike the phrase “Nineteen Oat-cakes”, which I attribute directly to my Dundonian family, but no-one else I know uses. ‘Twas my Gran’s stock answer to a question that involved an answer of a year that she didn’t know, or didn’t want to supply! Such as “What year were you born, Gran?”.

I probably have more varied phrases or words that are idiocyncratic than many people, owing to the somewhat nomadic lifestyle I’ve lived, along with the high number of people I’ve shared my life with!