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Quiet, pottering about at home days

Such days do not necessarily lend themselves to interesting blogging material, but I’m not inclined to let such a minor matter stop me!

So, just because today’s “To-Do” list looks identical to the “To-Do” list for the last few days, does not mean it’s been a wasted few days, though I’m not entirely looking forwards to the possible consequences of my sloth, if consequences there will be. (There may not be…) Still, I am a grown-up, and can deal with these matters.

I learnt a long time ago that I occasionally need times of doing nothing, and more importantly that it is not wasted time. It looks it! I know so well how it looks. It frustrates me, and it frustrates others. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve berated myself with “Now, if you’d just got on with X, Y or Z…”. when a task I’ve procrastinated over for weeks only takes ten minutes (or a few hours) and I’m surprised at how little time it’s taken.

Sometimes, my seeming inefficiency turns into spectacularly looking efficiency.

Sometimes, I’ve needed the pondering time to find the best way to do the job.

Sometimes, what’s seemed to have been so important and urgent when the job comes my way actually, um, isn’t really.

Sometimes, the “nothingness” produces enough motivation and get up and go to get whatever it was sorted in record time.

Sometimes, yes, I make a complete mess of it all and really do vow to amend my procrastinating ways.

So, I’ve done little for days now, except read, sleep, eat, wander to church and back home again, and listen to music. I can’t quite feel the surge of “Get up and get on with it, Japes” that I was hoping for after this spell – but just about enough to do what I need to do before tomorrow!!

End of an era

It’s been such a strange week, and an especially strange weekend, so many things have been done for the last time. And tonight is the last night I will sleep here.

So, here I sit, surrounded by my goods and chattels, all packed and ready for moving them over the next ten days or so. I move first, then round two, as I go off for a week’s worth of children’s work, and round three if needed, when I’ve finished the work.

Best get that sleep, I’m going to need it!

Confession time

I’m having a somewhat minimal Holy Week.

Oh, it’s still busy by many peoples definitions, but I am not feeling obliged to go to everything on offer. Holy Week is done pretty thoroughly in these here parts, and I’ve got an eight day individually guided retreat starting on Monday. (That’s eight full days, so I won’t be emerging until the Wednesday of the week after.)

Yesterday I was like a grizzly bear with a sore head and a toothache and any other kind of ache likely to cause the bear to be cross and irritable. I was ready to fight my own shadow if it flickered the wrong way. I was seriously fed up with myself by the middle of the afternoon, and it didn’t aid matters that I was awoken from the nap I was having (as an attempt to see if that would improve things) by someone who I very rarely get cross and snappy with. And I, um, got very short and snappy.

Luckily, that seemed to snap me out of it! I gave myself a severe scolding, reminding myself the world did not revolve around me, I was getting wound up about something that didn’t really matter, had I forgotten how awful self-induced migraines were, (as a teenager, when seriously stressed out by something, I could bring on a migraine, but learnt other ways of dealing with my stress when I realised what I was doing. I’ve not had a migraine in the 25 years since this realisation) and did I really want to revert to those, which at the point of the nap, I was in serious danger of doing.

I will apologise for the snappiness tomorrow… but it may not have been noticed! (It’s happened before, I think I’ve been really nasty, gone to apologise, and been told it hadn’t been noticed.)

In other confessions…

I have spent too much time hitting a Penguin with a Flamingo, and causing said Penguin to crash into trees, (and Elephants, and occasionally Giraffes) bounce off Snakes, slithered over Elephants, and been thrown by Giraffes.

I have cleaned my room, but am afraid to tackle the Area Under The Bed, the Shelf Space Behind the Books and the Top Of The Wardrobe.

I have failed to write two letters which need writing, but will now have to wait.

I am about to be late for the one bit of non-Triduum Holy Week I’m taking part in!

Conspiracy Theory

There is a conspiracy, I tell you.

There are several conspiracies.

When I am trying to lose weight, eat healthily, only at meal times, take more exercise (well, try and walk to and from things more and not accept every offer of a lift) etc. it stubbornly refuses to shift. Today, after a six week spell of giving up completely, and eating or not as I felt like it, I appear to have lost just over a stone.

Then there is the “Interesting Projects” all arriving at once. Especially the ones that I’d love to say yes to, but know I can’t.

There is the Brown Sock Conspiracy… closely related to the Lost and Odd Sock Gremlins that lurk by the laundry bags and the washing machine.

There is the Circles and Spirals and Spirograph pictures of my Inner Being conspiracy. Humph. (Don’t worry… I’m not going completely mad here, but I was describing some of the stuff that’s going on in my head and my life as being very circular, that I seem to be re-visiting a whole heap of things I thought I’d dealt with, in a whole different way, and somehow, we got on to describing it as like Spirograph pictures.? And then, how do I spiral out of it all….)

Now, all I need to pray about is that the train from City of Residence to Larger City about an hour away is running on time tomorrow!

Don’t do early…

except when I’ve flaked at at the unreasonably early evening hour of 8.30 p.m.. Not that I’m really awake, but I’m all over achy enough at a lowish level not to want to add back ache from being in bed for more than ten hours. I think I just have to accept this whatever it is I have been indulging in since last week does unspeakable things to the energy levels. and is messing around with my sleep patterns. Oh. And that staying out late on a school night isn’t an option for a bit, unless I’ve slept for a hour or so in the afternoon.


And more pah.

I’m also supposed to be writing an e-mail to someone who I need to communicate information to, but don’t necessarily want to have a conversation with, and I have a horrid feeling there is going to be loud protestations at my current refusal to talk… the protestation would be entirely justified, and I may have to give in.

Pah, and even more pah.

So, having have the obligatory moment of procrastination, I’d better go and do the e-mail, then face the day properly.

Embracing tradition

I have observed, in my copious reading of wiblogs to avoid housework or other distasteful but necessary tasks, that it appears to be a well established tradition to use blogging in various ways either to aid the procrastination, or to use it as the carrot on the stick to keep oneself on task. Or to beg for the aid of the community in keeping to the work in hand.

This is something I can embrace with much enthusiasm! I have been forced into copious hoovering and floor washing and bathrooms cleaning for the best part of the morning, and am now exhausted. I did start by reading a blog or two with my morning coffee, but resolutely kept to my list and with the exception of hoovering the guest room, and my own room, I am done.

I even washed the floor of the bathroom I generally refuse to do on one of my whirlwind go through the entire house in a morning efforts. Mostly because I could ignore the dust balls hiding behind the door no more. I think there was more dust visible than floor, though the rest of it had obviously been washed and swept since the last time I decided to do it. But, also because we have a guest coming who’s likely to use that bathroom. It’s the one with the shower in, and as I don’t shower, (don’t be rude, I have a bath regularly and wash behind my ears every day.) I rarely, if ever use that bathroom.

It’s also one of the mornings where I can get on with a fair amount of praying. I hate housework, as you may have gathered, and to keep me from getting wound up about it, I pray as I work. So, I got on with the somewhat daunting list of urgent intercessions that gathered late last night! It was most scary being on an instant messenger thingy with two upsetting conversations going. One person upset about the death of his grandmother, and another updating me on a mutual friends family situation which is getting grimmer by the day. I’d’ve got off the computer and phoned, but we were all trying not to disturb other members of our households who should’ve been peacefully slumbering.

However, I do now have to return to the battlefield, then take myself off out to do some other things I’ve been putting off.

EDIT: Smugness reigns. I have finished the hoovering and washing of floors. Ahead of Schedule.