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Countdown to moving day…

I was going to spent the afternoon raking up the last lot of leaves, but rain has stopped play, so I’ve begun packing, and organising myself.

I’ve got the Chr….. those seasonal cards all ready for posting, with change of address notes ready to go in once I know what the new phone number is going to be.

I’ve got the e-mails all set up ready to go once I know what the new phone number is going to be.

I’m working my way through the last of the laundry, and have packed the clothes for work the day after I move, and have the work bag ready – as I have no doubt I’ll be Very Confused.

I’m about to pack the rucksack for the unexpected overnight trip away this week. I’ve not been away for the whole time I’ve been here, but funerals happen when they happen, and this was one I was not prepared to miss.

But first, I shall divert my attention to Inspector Morse!

Just a city person, really!

I’m back in a larger city, and feel so much more alive again.

Or was that to do with the really enthusiastic “Welcome back” I got at church yesterday, despite the fact I kept reiterating it is really only for three months?

Or the fact both job and accommodation prospects are looking immediately much more like coming together in time for the end of this three months already!!

The last six/seven weeks have been excellent as a kind of buffer zone between what I’ve been doing for the last twenty years or more, and the here and now, and a good place to start sorting my life out, but now is also the right time to be moving on.

So, I’m off to sort out my months bus ticket, buy work T-shirts and get them embroidered, return a cheque book, deliver some post, introduce myself properly to someone who’s only met me once in a whirling dervish moment during a children’s holiday club session but who’s going to see more of me over the next few months, re-activate my library ticket, and wonder if I’ve really broken the washing machine already!

Oh, and ignore the piles of cardboard boxes! I’ll go through them slowly and properly another day… I’ve unpacked clothes and music books and CDs, what more do I need?

It’s all go!! Yippee!!

End of an era

It’s been such a strange week, and an especially strange weekend, so many things have been done for the last time. And tonight is the last night I will sleep here.

So, here I sit, surrounded by my goods and chattels, all packed and ready for moving them over the next ten days or so. I move first, then round two, as I go off for a week’s worth of children’s work, and round three if needed, when I’ve finished the work.

Best get that sleep, I’m going to need it!


The accounts balance.

Suffice it to say the errors that have taken the last four days to track down in between weddings and opticians appointments and cinema trips and running away for a few hours, were not mine. I did exceptionally well not to blow a complete gasket… but that would be messy.

Actually, it’s only one of each of the other things that have been occupying me this week. Though, several trips for the purposes of organ practice were also undertaken. It was lovely to play for a wedding where most of the congregation sang!!

I have, however, discovered I will be needing new glasses, which is a bit of a nuisance. It’s going to have to wait a month or two. I am finally becoming less short sighted, this is a novelty.

So, now I can turn my attention to the task that I should’ve been getting on with, but have been thoroughly distracted… tomorrow, the boxes, the parcel tape, varieties of back packs and suitcases will emerge.

Almost all found, but more lost.

Well, except the clarinet reeds and the motivation. Everything else, curiously, was exactly where it was meant to be… I just assumed I’d put them all in the Green Box as I’d been in a rush. (The Green Box is the Holding System for everything in transit in my room… there’s no spare room in it at the moment!)

My patience has also gone missing, though. This could have Consequences, though I got through the early evening without any Consequences.

In between times, I’m having a bit of a nostalgic moment with Holst’s Planet Suite! No, nothing to do with remembering the Moon Landing of 40 years ago – I think I vaguely remember something, but it really didn’t impinge on me at the age of four. No, it’s much more personal… It’s the only piece of classical music I can ever remember my tone deaf brother being able to identify! To my total amazement. Probably to his. Though, at the time he was working at a theatre with the lighting department and he heard it every night for several weeks. It had nothing to do with the fact his elder sister tortured him daily with classical music from either of her two instruments or her trusty radio/cassette player for years! I was informed it all sounded the same… Which to him, I am convinced, it did. I’ve only come across a very few people who are genuinely tone deaf, and he was one of them. Still, these days I can listen to it without getting tearful or having to turn it off, which I had to do for a number of years after he died, (nearly 18 years ago) and only get kind of wistful, just wondering.

Now – whilst I’m in wondering mode, which is better than being De-Motivated, or Impatient, shall I deal with the glitter crisis? Sorting out boxes of cards, with poorly stuck on glitter, (but all cherished cards as they were lovingly made by those with only small single digits in their age!) is a Bad Idea when wearing a new black T-shirt. I think I shall get the sellotape out and deal with it now!

Who’s got ’em?

Along with the box of clarinet reeds, vital pieces of paper for the first week in August, and the new toothbrush, all motivation has gone missing, at a most inconvenient moment.

If you find them, please send them home….

They’ve not gone and hidden themselves in the wrong boxes, as I’ve not got the boxes out yet. If the mere threat of the Packing Boxes is doing this, and all I did was look for the tape for reconstructing the boxes, it’s going to be a long, long week ahead.