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Domesticity reigns, temporarily

Sits down carefully.

OK, not slipped.

It’s safe! I will continue.

After a bit of a fright yesterday, (fears of having to move sooner rather than later sharply raised, then quelled) and as a household cleaning items replenishing session had taken place in the “Keep Japes Calm”  few hours between the raising and quelling of such fears, a bout of deep-cleaning domesticity hit the Japes’ residence this morning.  After the headache from hell had subsided. (I am half wondering if I have had the first migraine for many years? Mmmm… not happy if that’s the case.)

I currently am the custodian of some items of furniture I’d never give house room to by choice, but as I have them, caring for them is part of the deal. So, a little TLC of the leather furniture has taken place. This is all well and good, and I am proud of my efforts, but they aren’t half slippery now! I have also polished all the wood.. and have been reminded why I’d not done it before now. Am I one of the few people in the world who hates the smell of polish?

I am about to tackle the Room I Do Not Like. There seem to be several reasons for this dislike; some of them are deeply silly, and others more understandable. I’m making myself spend more time in there, though, and think I’m coming to some conclusions about why I dislike it so.

  • It needs a bit of re-arranging to see if I can make it less like the room I lived in where I was so deeply unhappy.  And the room I used to spend far more time in hiding from everyone that was good for me.
  • I need to bring the musical sides of my life out of hiding. (That may be a whole series of posts…)
  • I need to decide where my prayer space is going to be… for a dedicated prayer space is required! But, I’m loath to have it in a room I don’t like. But would that help make it a room I do like?

Come on, Japes. Time to go…


My halo!!

Fortunately, this state of feeling truly virtuous will not last for long, and normal service will soon be resumed.

I have done most things on my Things To Do During This Week Off List – which includes wandering out to get the last load of laundry in (once I’ve had my coffee and written this – I do have priorities, you know) and do the ironing. It’s included a pretty thorough spring-clean. It’s included mowing the lawn, and being remarkably chuffed with myself for beginning to get a bit of a grip on this garden caper. It’s also included a whole load of bitty tasks for work which I never seem to get around to doing in the week at work, and tend to ignore on the weekends. (Bad, but true.)

I’ve also got a car for a little while, so am enjoying getting lots of little tasks done that I’ve been putting off doing because doing them by bus is a pest. Or rather, I’ve saved most of them up for this few weeks, knowing it would be so much easier.

Much, much more importantly I’ve spent time with my god-children. They are gorgeous.

So, once I’ve done the aforementioned ironing, I’ll be ready for the next three or four weeks of work, and can justifiably have a lazy and relaxing weekend.

Matters Domestic

are engaging the Japes’ mind and thoughts today, and lots of the little tasks that don’t get done in the everyday run of life have been tackled today, so the drains, pipes, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and broom have all been cleaned, the mop and other cleaning cloths are all being cleaned, surfaces are all sparkly, and dust has been removed from places where I’ve let it hibernate since the last few days at home.

The Sock Cull has finally taken place. Only a month later than planned… Other Departmental Overhauls are pending.

The new books have all been found homes, and I’ve done some music practice!!

Time for a snooze, methinks.

Rearranging Furniture

and I am now only fit for bath, supper, and sleep!

In my new bedroom.

The upstairs of my little house is unusual. To get to the bathroom, you have to go through what was described to me as the second bedroom. The main bedroom is the only room in the house it’s possible to close the door on, and not have visitors see it, as you come straight from street to front room, straight through to the kitchen, and up the stairs which lead off the kitchen  to the upstairs rooms.

There is a little outhouse kind of offshoot from the kitchen, which houses a toilet, and a little area for a washing machine, and the gardening equipment. (Um, best we don’t discuss the fact I now have a garden, and gardening equipment, and no clue whatsoever.) Oh, and the recycling boxes and rubbish bags. I really should get the council to bring me a wheelie bin.

Anyway, when I moved in I dutifully put myself into the main bedroom for sleeping purposes, and made the second bedroom a study space. Now I don’t have to keep everything I possess in one room, my bedroom became the tidiest room in the house! The living room isn’t bad, to be fair, and I’ve always been clean if not that tidy in a kitchen, but my work-type space…. oh dear. And, it’s way too cold to expect visitors to go to what in effect is an outside toilet!

So, in between dealing with the toughest week ever at work, and my growing dissatisfaction with the room I was sleeping in, and the lack of tidiness in the places people could see, it occurred to me that I didn’t actually mind people walking through my tidy bedroom to get to the bathroom, but I was minding them walking through a seriously messy work area. Which wasn’t actually working as a work area either.

So, today I’ve moved everything work and music related into the main bedroom, and created a more conducive working space.  Means I can have my keyboard out more of the time, too.  I’ve left the wardrobe in that room, mostly because I couldn’t face moving it, then probably moving it back because I couldn’t get it through to my new bedroom.

If I have overnight visitors, I will still put them in the second bedroom, and move myself back into the main bedroom! Mostly so they can have better access to the bathroom, and I am less likely to fall down the stairs in the middle of the night on my way to the other toilet than a visitor is. But also because I don’t see why I should inflict my mess on anyone but me.

So, I’m going to make my supper and eat, pack my work bag, have a bath and go to bed!! Cos, I’m very tired now.

Normal-ish service resumed

Yesterday, um, I was having a tantrum-y, tearful day, and decided to shut myself away, as not fit for inflicting on the human race.

Today, I gave myself a stern talking to, and tackled the long, long list of really silly little jobs that needed doing, and feel tons better for having achieved almost all I set out to do.

So, I’ve collected the new uniform t-shirts for work and ironed them all (all twenty… three each for the two of us who need them every week, and the rest for volunteers) ironed my own stuff for the week, shopped for work, shopped for me, hoovered, dusted, mended the gate, raked up about eight bin-liners full of leaves, terrorised the local teenagers, (who now only take one look at me raking up leaves and think better of their foolish actions – I harbour no illusions, they continue to use the front garden as a supposed short cut when I’m not watching, but they no longer attempt it when I am there) mused on music for Friday’s funeral, and am now ready for a good night’s sleep.

Strangely, despite the fact I did very little yesterday, I did not sleep well at all. I do seem to be needing to be much more active, and busy at the moment for sleep to happen.

Time to stop.

The trouble with my new routine is, um, there’s not a lot of routine. I’m busy most days, every day is different, Friday is the busiest, and by Friday night I’m totally exhausted.

Partly it’s due to the fact I’ve never been good at mornings, but have to be up and out a lot earlier than I’ve ever had to be in my life before. Partly it’s due to a whole heap of unsettlednesses. I’m happy where I am, I’m happy to be doing what I’m doing and it’s beginning to come together, but nothing is settled. A friend called this evening and got excited about possibly coming to stay after Christmas – I had to break it to her I had no clue where I’d be!

So, what do I do on a day off – I wake up way too early, I get totally over-domesticated, and spend all day cleaning, washing, window cleaning, getting a quick music rehearsal done for tomorrow, and gathering a headache.

I definitely need to plan some time that’s just for me, and not get sucked back into feeling I’ve got to be seen to be doing something useful for other people all the time!!

So, I’m going to shut this down, go back to bed, to see if sleep shakes off this headache, and not do anything that resembles work of any description tomorrow!

Pleasant Occupations

It’s a strange feeling, this doing of household tasks and enjoying them. Something to do with not feeling I’m being watched, and judged for what I do or don’t do, or how I do or don’t do it, methinks.

Then, for the first time in ages and ages, my clarinet has emerged from it’s box. Not just for playing in church or seasonal singing at a point in the year I’m not going to mention because I’ll have hysterics, or because I’ve been asked to play something for an occasion, but because I want to play it, and to enjoy playing it again. I would like to return, at some point in the future, to teaching music, and that means I need to be back in practice again. So scales and exercises were heard for about an hour last night and I’m aiming to do that most days for a while. There are also a few pieces that I love which might be tried today. I do have an aim. I want to be able to play the pieces I played for my degree final again, and I also want to learn some new pieces that I never had time to learn before.

I’ve had a re-jiggle of the boxes in my room, and the ones sitting patiently in the garage awaiting liberation, trying to work out if I need to leave the boxes in the garage for now, or just take absolutely everything and hope it all gets sorted! Mmmm

Now for some hot buttered toast, and coffee.

The heat is getting to me…

I have hand-washed three T-shirts, because I’m going away tomorrow, and I need those three to go with the trousers I’d carefully kept for the weekend occasions. Along with the new sandals!

The scarier thing is I’ve ironed all my laundry. I’ve not ironed in recent times, for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I’m pretty good at supervising my washing, getting it out of the machine almost as soon as it’s stopped and hanging it up neatly. But, for some reason, I felt like doing some ironing after I’d come home from the second end of term event of the day. Either I’m ill, or the heat is getting to me! Or I needed occupying…

To the visitors I’ve had today from Canada, India and Sweden… I hope you found the answers to the phases you are going through. If not, I can only commiserate.

Despite an interesting invitation,

it seemed best to see today’s self-imposed task of cleaning, in places in the abode that don’t often get cleaned, through to the bitter end. Sorry, Kerensa, the shredder and I would have much prefered an exciting outing!

Lessons learnt today include counting the steps on the step ladder on the ascent, before doing the descent. Bruised sole of right foot has been the consequence of failing to learn that lesson, and a previous un-learned lesson… When a step ladder is to be climbed, sturdy footwear is advisable.

Replies to letters sent three weeks ago have now all come in.

Victory declared

I think I can declare the Grand Sort Out finished for now. I have achieved most of what I set out to do, and that which I haven’t managed this week, can wait until my next few days of solitariness. Which will be upon me very soon.

But, I have tackled the Top of the Wardrobe, the Top Cupboard, the Space Under the Bed, and dusted the Shelves Behind the Books.

I do have one small dilemma… my cassette tapes. My cassettes are not in their first flush of youth, some of them are nearly as old as me. But, they were my very first collection of recorded music, carefully purchased using limited Saturday job income, and some of my favourite recordings are on them. My cassette playing machine is distinctly newer, but was involved in a little mishap a couple of years ago during a Painting and Decorating Saga, and it’s never been quite the same since. So, I can’t quite tell if it’s machine or tapes, and there is no other machine in the house to test them on.

A return to my normal routine beckons tomorrow… (EDIT.. oops, I mean today! I hadn’t realised it was quite so close to midnight) apart from the extra plant watering duties, which cease the day after.