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Slower Learner, and Boring Choices

I’ve had this computer for nearly a year now. We’re good friends, on the whole, and understand each other, but for one small matter… the brightness of the screen! I couldn’t work out how to make it the kind of subdued, subtle lighting I prefer on my computer screen, apart from unplugging the power cable, and working with it on battery power only.

I could tell I had to involve the F8 button, somehow.

I’ve worked out how to do it now! My eyes will thank me for this one.

Moving onto the boring choice….

Just received an e-mail from a fellow musician in response to my request to know what she wanted playing at her wedding in a few weeks time. Good solid hymns, which should be sung well, but 0/10 for imagination for the entrance and exit music – The traditional Bridal March and Wedding March. The good news is I won’t have to practice much as I can play them, the bad news is I am tempted not to practise because I can play them!! Luckily, she’s given me free choice for the Signing of the Register bit. Also luckily, it’s an organ I don’t play often, it’s one that I love to play when I get the opportunity, and I know there will be other musicians in the congregation, so there is more incentive to practise than not.

Oh, Happy St Columba’s Day.