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Quality time with my sofa


Yes, well, that was a waste of 12 days! Still, my doctor now recognises me, my sickness record is well and truly shot to pieces, but I’ve saved some money on travel. My sofa and I have never had so much quality time together, and I’ve never been out of the house so little in All My Born Days.

Normal service is resuming, though. A little removing of the dust and cobwebs, a little hoovering, a little cleaning of the toilets has taken place… Scrabble opponents are muttering darkly about being beaten again… (“I’ll tell the doctor you’re  really, really not well, I’ve just won three games in a row.” offered one opponent after the first dreadful appointment where I was all ready to change doctor. Things improved on the second visit, thankfully. This surgery is within walking distance but  also on a direct bus route when I’m not well. Which, on the whole, is my state when I require a doctor. But, then I plan my life around the Number 11 bus.)

However, I do not wish to over-do things and give myself a relapse. (As happened with the Great Flu Dramas of 2008/09 and 1990.) So, I’m sitting quietly, (when not blogging, checking the whole of the Internet, replying to the pile of e-mails that has accumulated, ) with a pile of hymn books, contentedly adding to my Index of Indices. I did bits of it somewhere in those 12 days, but I can attest to being so much better as I’ve added over 300 hymns this morning, whereas I was averaging 20 or so, then needing an hours nap. Admittedly, today I am tackling a book that is in alphabetical order, and with lots of hymns that don’t have alternative titles, so am kind of speeding along the spreadsheet column with ease. Two days ago, it was also alphabetical order, but with loads of alternative titles. Maybe it was a bit over-ambitious to  go for a seasonally arranged book when Not At All Well. It also took a couple of hours to untangle the messes created by inserting cells and not rows…

I’ve also got ammunition for my students who are grumbling madly about having to work with spreadsheets – I keep telling them they are beautiful, and they don’t believe me.  Never mind, they’ve had a fortnight off me and my inanities, it’s back to normal tomorrow!

But, for today, I will continue with the quality time with my sofa.

Beams with pride and satisfaction

For, after a serious attack of sleeplessness, the main mission of the day has been accomplished.

With the aid of the Sale, some Christmas money, and a bit of willingness to be unfussed about the colour I got, (midnight blue for the curious!) I am now the content owner of a new laptop which has what I wanted, and cost less than I’d budgeted.  And, I have set it up all by myself.  Though, I think the change over of internet browser may be happening soon, I’m not liking the one that’s come with the computer (and it’s not IE!).

Now about those 5000 or so words….?


No, not a finally moment for this blog. Blogging is not about to cease! You may rejoice or groan, as the moment takes you.

A “Finally I’ve stopped feeling totally exhausted, wiped out, tearful, cross-patchety, anti-social and might enjoy the last few days of the holidays now” moment… in which I am rejoicing.

Except – I’ve got to be very brave and go and buy a new computer tomorrow, and write 5,000 or so words before Tuesday. I’m far more confident about the latter than the former, as I’ve got most of the words in draft form, and know my subject, so it won’t take long once the motivation kicks in. If it hasn’t kicked in by tomorrow afternoon, I’m just going to have to kick it instead. Very, very hard – with the steel toe cap boots.

I’m marginally (well, OK – extremely) annoyed at the demise of my former computer, as it was not that old, and I had other plans for my Christmas and holiday pay money – and until I know the answers to the questions raised by work just before Christmas, it might have been more prudent to hang on to this money. Especially since my utilities provider has announced their price increases, and the train fares are going up by a shocking amount.  (Also, if the answer to my Very Important Question is the one I suspect it will be, then I won’t be accepting the suggested change at work, as I won’t be able to afford to.)

But, I do use the computer a lot for loads of different reasons, and it certainly is not a luxury item in my world. I’ve managed for the last few weeks, but not well!! (And the 5000 words would’ve been in better shape if I’d been able to work at home.)

On a different “Finally” – I was able to get out of the house today wearing my trainers, and not my boots, as the snow has all vanished.

Mystery solved, meltdowns sorted, and feet

It’s been a very mixed day!

I solved the on-going mystery of Who Keeps Moving the Chairs, despite the “Please do not take the chairs out of this room” notices. It’s not the way I would’ve chosen to solve the mystery, but out of a horrendous situation, which has nothing to do with the chairs, has come a very little good.

I sorted my line manager’s momentary meltdown over matters technological. Well, I do that pretty regularly, but today’s was a pretty spectacular meltdown, albeit brief.

I solved my own feet and knees dilemma by going and buying new trainers for me to wear for the the walking part of the commute. (It’s about an hour of my travelling time!) If they are still sore and achy after the weekend, then I promise to take myself off to the doctor.

I also arrived home to my polling card, to my huge relief. After the last few weeks of persuading teenagers to take an interest in politics (a successful campaign! Several have shifted from “Why should I bother” to “I’m addicted to this!”) I would’ve been mortified to have to tell them I hadn’t voted because something had gone wrong with the getting me added to the electoral roll process.


I’ve quite enjoyed these computer free days, and whilst I am more than relieved to have it back and working again, I am seriously contemplating making at least one day a week completely computer, and internet free.

I worked better at my admin work at work, knowing I didn’t have the “excuse” I could finish in that evening. I also got on with dealing with my own emails, knowing I only had my lunch break to deal with them in, or staying on later.

I read books in the evenings! Maybe shutting down earlier would work better for me?

However, writing is also a relaxation for me, and I do write at the computer now. I’m also living on my own, a fair way from many friends, most of whom keep in touch via the computer in one way or another!!

But – and this is a big one, I am not doing a lot about making friends locally. That’s partly because I don’t work locally, and have been keeping horrendous hours. Partly tiredness, and partly just not wanting to make friends only to move on again soon. (There’s no guarantee I’ll be in this house for very long, my current job finishes in July, and by mutual agreement, but at my instigation, contracts are not being renewed. Job hunting begins in earnest soon….) But, part of this is due to the fact I’m quite content with the friends I’ve got, and the way I keep in touch with them.

Mmm… Maybe now isn’t the time to do any more major changes!!


from making a complete and utter idiot of myself with the workplace techies tomorrow.

A new computer has been removed from the top of the priority list, as current one is now in perfect working order again.

Note to self: if “Operating System Not Found” appears again, check the hard drive hasn’t worked loose. If it has, shove it back in again.

That is all.

Connected again

It’s been a traumatic week, computer-wise. I have a terminally ill computer, which will probably have to be handed into the doctor for major surgery. In the meantime, I’m running it on a very, very simple system, so’s I’m not totally without internet at home, and trying not to worry that I seem to have lost a load of contact information, along with a certain amount of data which I thought was backed up, and, um, isn’t.

The most vital piece of work, however, was not completely lost, but I did have to spend a day reconstructing the previous days work!

Methinks a new computer has just put itself at the top of my priority list.

Time for a nap..

for after 24 hours of tears, tantrums, anguish, and threats of throwing the computer and the new router out of the window, the fourth phone call resolved the issue.

I am exhausted… and I have a hit list of those who have driven me mad in this process, especially the one who played around with settings on my computer to get it working with another router which I had forgotten about… No wonder I thought I was going mad.

Is it time to worry about me yet?

Some time ago, the CD part of my music playing device died (yes, that’s three pieces of technology died on me in quick succession, boiler, printer and CD player) and it didn’t seem that high on my list of priorities for replacing. If my printer hadn’t also decided to die, I might have replaced the CD player with some Christmas money, but, alas, a new printer definitely took priority.

I did find myself missing my CDs, though, especially during the run up to Christmas, and my usual radios stations of choice were playing wall to wall Christmas Carols. There is only so much of that I can tolerate before committing radio rage, especially in the fortnight I was playing an awful lot of them myself. I was wondering just what I could do about it when I was reminded I did possess a computer and CDs could be played on that… Cue a deeply blushing Japes, who had completely forgotten about this option, and the option of ripping CDs to the computer. (A newly acquired skill!!) Which also cut out my other reason for forgetting about my laptop’s CD playing capacity, the wobbling of a CD in a laptop balanced on a lap….

So, a happy evening was passed a few nights ago creating myself some playlists.

But – I seem unable to let myself have them in anything other than alphabetical order. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Spreadsheet delights

In between church, and pondering how the next week is going to work logistically, and scaring myself, I have been ensconced in a corner with multiple sets of spreadsheets.

I use “delights” very sarcastically – I currently keep two different lots of accounts and neither job is pleasant, for very different reasons. I don’t actually dislike doing accounts, though if I were doing nothing but accounts, I would get to dislike them rapidly. I do get quite a kick out of sorting them out, and making them make sense.

Anyway, I’ve come up with all the answers to the questions for tomorrow morning. I hope. I’ve also come close to all the answers I need for Tuesday morning for the other lot, and for bringing that set to end of year status within the next fortnight, so I’m calling it quits for tonight. Yes, I know what time it is, but it was kind of noisy around here until about two hours ago, and I was making the most of the peace when it happened to concentrate!!

Anyway, tempting as it is to linger in a world of words after a day with a world of numbers, (apart from church, and even there I seemed to be doing sums) I have an abominably early start in the morning, and I need my sleep.

Good night.