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Another one?

I’m having an identity crisis! Sighs, it was kind of inevitable.

I was playing around with new e-mail addresses over the weekend, as soon, the e-mail addresses I currently use will be bearing Wrong Information. It’s in a name that will no longer be mine to use.

So, I set up a new one in my own name. I’m not starting using it properly yet, but began changing over to it for various sites I’m registered with. The BBC news, the various church-y things I get information from on a regular basis. Then ground to a halt.

My own name is way too unique! I still want to maintain a level of anonymity in the blogging worlds I meander about in, certainly for the time being, and there are three places where I’m known by different internet names. I didn’t quite mean for this to happen!! I registered with the Ship a long time ago, but only recently have begun to be more active there. I am praying for a name amnesty, so I can change my Shipname to Japes! That’s because the name I go by there, (No Socks) is related to a very, very long, but incredibly minor on-going saga of the life I’ve been leading, and again, will no longer apply. Maybe it will? Possibly. I probably will still go around in bare feet and wear sandals a lot, and still have people coming up to me in church, especially if I’ve been playing the organ in bare feet, asking if my feet aren’t cold without socks on?

Then, there’s the Other Blog! It was my first venture into the world of blogging, about three years ago, and I found myself choosing a name that was somewhat unwieldy. At the time, though, it was a very accurate choice. Now, it is no longer representative of who I’ve become and am still becoming. Yet, I’ve made some really good friends there, and don’t want to lose that blog. Just the name! It’s a really important place for me, as here is, and I will keep both going, as they satisfy different parts of me.

Japes, as a name, somehow, transcends the lot, and is much more applicable to the whole of my life, as it has been, and is becoming. But for now, whilst I’ve got other identity crises going on, I think I’ll keep them all going in the names they are in!

But, I did set up a new email address, just for blogs! It seems to be working….


Thank you, Chris!

Just doing a clear out and I have spare supplies of string, blu-tack, elastic bands and chocolate if required?

No chewing gum, though.

Infinitely more comfortable whilst thinking

I’ve mended my comfy chair. It’s had wobbly legs for a while now, and after the graceful-ish collapse of said chair, whilst I was pondering a blog post one day, it was diagnosed as ill, but nor terminal. But, it’s taken a few weeks to organise myself enough to do without it whilst the glue was setting for 24 hours! It finally happened yesterday.

So, I’m now back to blogging and fun-computery stuff in the comfort of a chair that’s not wobbly, and is far more comfortable than blogging at my desk! I am not convinced this is going to improve the quality, but it’s definitely improving my comfort levels.

So, having had a decent break from the deep thinking, it’s time it began again. It will involve thinking about questions of jobs and where to live…. I do chose my moments to be going in for a dramatic change in my life. But, even if it’s a case of I haven’t a clue where I’m going and what I’m going to be doing, I do know I cannot remain where I am. Every day now, it seems, there is further confirmation I’m doing the right thing. Sometimes it’s little, little things, other times, like this morning, it was the arrival of the paperwork from a meeting I had been excused from, and as I read, it felt as if it had nothing to do with me at all. It’s the fact that no-one I’ve told so far has been surprised, (though, that may come, it’s only my closest friends who know there’s anything to know).

Do I go back to being a student again?

Do I see if I really am called to primary school teaching, and untangle that which went so horribly wrong for me there twenty years ago. I’ve been doing classroom assistant work on and off, over the last 18 years or so, and recently had several teachers wondering why I’m not teaching!

Do I revert to a former incarnation and work as a piano and clarinet teacher? Possibly some basic organ teaching! There is a serious shortage of organists!

Do I think about social work?

Do I think about working in bookshops again… maybe not long term.

Do I think about FE teaching? There are several options there…

Luckily, there’s no rush about any of this!

Last few hours

of freedom before the return to work tomorrow.

It’s been a good few days away, and I’ve been able to forget about everything, except what to read next in the light fiction line, (A combination of PD James and Harry Potter mostly! With an interesting novel about conjoined twins as a sidetrack.) or where to go on the couple of days I had a car at my disposal.

I happily called a halt to the deep thinking that’s been going on, and refused to answer any phone calls, emails or texts. I’ve had one little bit of interrogation on my return, but I’ve neatly avoided the direct questioning.

But, my goodness, the blog posts pile up when I’m not watching!

So, I’m away to spend some time catching up before sleeping!

Resistance, as you can see, was definitely futile

I’ve had a lovely day’s excursion followed by a pleasant, convivial evening with a bunch of friends. Nothing else of excitement could happen you might think but it did…

I have returned to find myself the proud custodian of a brand new Wiblog. This means I can now stop lurking! Thank you very, very much, wonderful Wibsite technical people.