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Christmas Present to myself.

For once, I listened to the Queen’s speech. This was not just because I was in the room at the same time the TV was on, (the Japes’ abode continues to be TV free,) I clicked on the link to listen after I’d noted the headlines referring to reflection… and on listening heard Her Majesty voice the feeling that had been at the back of my mind for a while, about balancing action and reflection.

I always have been, and always will be an active person. But, I know myself well enough. I need time and space to myself on quite a large scale to maintain that activity. I can be in the public arena for so long, then need to vanish. Hopefully, this will be the start of a whole eight days of minimal contact with the human race, to restore that much needed sense of balance.

This is what writing and blogging has always been about for me.. and it’s been removed from me lately, with the presence in my everyday life of someone who doesn’t get social media or blogging… yet, has delved into it enough to have pulled up inter-actions I made several years ago. None of which I’m bothered by, but I am bothered by the fact someone would do that, and tell me so. I’m bothered that someone feels the need to do that. Yet, if someone who interacted with me via that media as well as in real life had noted those comments, I would just smile.

The now not so new job didn’t help in all of this. It’s taken a bit of getting used to, people dynamics-wise, and I’m clear, after a term, that keeping work and my own life separate is going to be the best policy.

Nor did a massive hiccup in the Japes’ sibling relationships department help. Maybe not handled particularly well at the time, but I’m comfortable with where it’s got to… and, well, if the rest of the family don’t like it, I can live with that.

I had a go at private journaling again… I’ve giggled at the attempts – I don’t half lose a sense of perspective if I don’t think anyone else is going to see what I write!

So, you unlucky readers, who think I’ve vanished from the blogging scene… I’m back!! Happy Christmas.


Welcome back, little blog

Welcome back to the Wibsite, and thank you so much to Mr Wiblog for all his hard work! It was lovely to come back from a trip to That London, (to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the musical, with a bunch of youngsters from church) to find it all back again.

So, I’ve celebrated with a new theme!

What can happen in a year…

Oh my.

I knew my life was going to be turned inside out and upside down this past year, I couldn’t imagine in how many different ways this has happened.

This time last year, all I had done was make the basic decision. Things were going to change, as soon as I had fulfilled a contractual obligation. I had a vague idea I might have some kind of full time job by now, possibly in the sector in which I do a somewhat unusual job, and possibly lodging with someone, somewhere in the vicinity of that job.

I didn’t imagine I’d be juggling three part time jobs, which still don’t add up to full time employment.

I so didn’t imagine I’d be living where I’m living now, nor did I ever imagine it would be in this city, which is a somewhat inconvenient distance away from work, or that I would be actively choosing to remain in this city for the foreseeable future. Ironic, since I kicked and screamed about being here last time round, and the time before that.

I’d allowed for the last few months to be a lot of an emotional roller coaster, I certainly had not predicted the way in which it became more of one than I’d thought might be the case.

I couldn’t imagine how content I have become, despite the many uncertainties that continue.

Just a phase I’m going through? Maybe or maybe not… but I do think in a few months time, when this phase comes to a definitive end, there are so many possibilities. And, I’ve an inkling I know which way one of them will turn out.

Quite, quite tired now!

But, content.

For, with one minor exception, I have changed all my on-line identities to the one name. It’s taken a long time!! But well worth it, as it feels absolutely right to have done it, along with the efforts I’m making in real life to be myself in ways that I’ve not been doing for a long, long time.

I have also had a bit of an admin splurge, which I hate doing, but always feel better once I’ve done it!

So, a gentle evening sprawled on the sofa, with a good book, a large mug of hot chocolate, and some toasted cheesy muffins, followed by cake sounds good to me.

I like the new collection of statistics!!

Looks like someones’s been having fun with the stats over the weekend. There are so many more options to choose from..

Waves enthusiastically to my new visitors from the Phillippines, Switzerland, Germany, and India and to those who seem to keep coming back for more!

Not sure it’s safe today

Last night, Scrabble did strange things to me and I thought I’d broken it, another site I use regularly has snapped it’s elastic bands and lost it’s blu-tack this morning, therefore I am a tad concerned I might be spreading my bad influence around by writing here, but I will take all the blame if such happenings occur.

I am very tired. The sort of tired that just has me wanting to sleep, and sleep, and sleep some more. This happens occasionally, and luckily, I can do just that!

I am deeply impressed that this minuscule corner of the blogging world is reached by people from four different continents! Though, to the person who found it by enquiring about “Organist Bare Feet” I would suggest playing the organ in bare feet is perfectly do-able, but not necessarily the best course of action. I am about to be looking for a suitable pair of shoes, with thin soles and slight heels as this is by far kinder to the feet.

I am bemused by how this may have been found by “housework prayer”.

And, as ever, much sympathy to all those going through phases of one kind or another.

I would have blogged

but, circumstances were against me!! Including the lack of a password… oops.

Circumstances have now all aligned again, but I’m somewhat sleepy, having made the most of being home alone to do some shifting around of my stuff, and a colossal amount of laundry. How did I get through so many T shirts and jeans/trousers in the last fortnight?

Actually, given I’ve moved me and my belongings from one place to another, which has including carrying it all down two flights of stairs, packing it into the car, then unpacking the other end, and then been involved in a weeks worth of events involving small children, and got very wet on two days, it’s not surprising how many T shirts and jeans/trousers have just been washed!

I am reunited with my radio/CD player which is bliss…

I still appear to be completely dis-interested in chocolate. Which is completely un-natural. I totally agree with all those who have previously commented on this.

I will be gone for another few days, then normal blogging should resume…