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Temptation resisted

I phoned the bank today to order a paying in book, and discovered they were keen to upgrade my account, as I have, thus far, proved to be an exemplary customer.

To be honest, at the moment, there is only one thing I would like from the bank account I have, and that’s a better debit card, as the one I have has its limitations, one of which being unable to pay for train tickets by card.

But, I listened to what was on offer… then declined!! To the obvious astonishment of the woman at the other end of the phone. I don’t want an automatic over-draft facility, nor did I want any of the other things on offer until my income is more settled. At the moment, on my current tight and somewhat erratic income, I do not want to be tempted into debt.

I am also trying to resist the temptation to fall asleep – it’s been a long work week, and it’s not finished yet!


The accounts balance.

Suffice it to say the errors that have taken the last four days to track down in between weddings and opticians appointments and cinema trips and running away for a few hours, were not mine. I did exceptionally well not to blow a complete gasket… but that would be messy.

Actually, it’s only one of each of the other things that have been occupying me this week. Though, several trips for the purposes of organ practice were also undertaken. It was lovely to play for a wedding where most of the congregation sang!!

I have, however, discovered I will be needing new glasses, which is a bit of a nuisance. It’s going to have to wait a month or two. I am finally becoming less short sighted, this is a novelty.

So, now I can turn my attention to the task that I should’ve been getting on with, but have been thoroughly distracted… tomorrow, the boxes, the parcel tape, varieties of back packs and suitcases will emerge.

Spreadsheet delights

In between church, and pondering how the next week is going to work logistically, and scaring myself, I have been ensconced in a corner with multiple sets of spreadsheets.

I use “delights” very sarcastically – I currently keep two different lots of accounts and neither job is pleasant, for very different reasons. I don’t actually dislike doing accounts, though if I were doing nothing but accounts, I would get to dislike them rapidly. I do get quite a kick out of sorting them out, and making them make sense.

Anyway, I’ve come up with all the answers to the questions for tomorrow morning. I hope. I’ve also come close to all the answers I need for Tuesday morning for the other lot, and for bringing that set to end of year status within the next fortnight, so I’m calling it quits for tonight. Yes, I know what time it is, but it was kind of noisy around here until about two hours ago, and I was making the most of the peace when it happened to concentrate!!

Anyway, tempting as it is to linger in a world of words after a day with a world of numbers, (apart from church, and even there I seemed to be doing sums) I have an abominably early start in the morning, and I need my sleep.

Good night.

Poor, overworked shredder

is now having a well earned snooze back in it’s customary corner, having worked it’s way through enough paper to fill half a dozen bin-liners.

I’m sure there has been an impact on the paper work that lives in my work area, but it doesn’t really look like it right now!! There’s a load more to do…

Points to ponder

I think what little brain I have has turned to mush, very mushy mush at that.

Whilst almost every school in the area has been closed on one, if not three days this week, yours truly had a planned week out from one place, and the other was resolutely open. The establishment a bit further away was open on the one day I go there.

I’ve finally sorted out all the stuff that’s been kicking around since the weekend. I seem to have acquired six rolls of DuckTape and one of Hazard tape…. you could be sure if I’d not had any, we’d’ve needed them.

I think I’ve had too many deep and meaningful conversations with too many people in the last fortnight. I am now putting a mental moratorium on any further discussion until Phase Two is gone through. I refer you to the aformentioned mushy brain syndrome, which was compounded by discussions today of matters of How To Communicate With The Young At Church, and I seem to have found myself with a big task on my hands. (I have no problem, I talk to them, and they seem to talk back… We also use Facebook, with their parents consent and full knowledge.)

I have finally sorted out some time away.

I have also sorted out a whole load of paperwork!

Housework is a Dangerous Activity

Circumstances were such that housework was, um, almost pleasurable. I had the house to myself, (and with the Lord being my helper, will do so until Sunday) I could play loud music, and I could potter away at my own pace.

Which is currently kind of slow or slower. With lots of stops to regain energy. That’s OK… Despite being confined to my room for considerable amounts of the last month or so, it was surprisingly quickly restored to high levels of cleanliness and tidiness. I think it had something to do with the fact I’ve mostly been ill since the last Big Clean, and other work had ground to a virtual halt.

But, I did some unusual stuff, and decided to sort out a cupboard or two whilst I was at it.. That was the dangerous bit. I am now resolved that stainless steel flasks are to be stored at floor level, not a shelf from which they can fall and come into sharp contact with my bottom lip. I don’t yet look as if I’ve been given a good left hook, but I’m sure I will by the morning.

I also have a bruised toe on the middle of the left foot. That was a result of an encounter with a door that I forgot was there…

Still, I should be able to tackle the administrative tasks of the morrow, without distraction…. Oh dear, who am I kidding? I’m sure washing the kitchen floor and hoovering the rest of the house and ironing will seem much more imperative in the morning. But, I do need to do those invoices.