About Japes

I am always at an awkward age.

It’s no use trying to guess my mood from the music I’m playing… but the way I practice scales, arpeggios and technical exercises at piano, clarinet and organ might give you a clue.

I dislike over-cooked broccoli.

I can only sing descants at Christmas. Otherwise, I am a low woman.

Filling in forms that require past addresses is a nightmare. There is never enough space, and I always have to do a continuation sheet….

I would like to know why I did not find out the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything during the year I was 42.

I am slow to embrace new ideas and change, then am far too enthusiastic about them once they are in my system…

I would love to learn to drive an HGV or a bus.

I’m at the end of the original Phase I was thinking about when I began this blog. Not sure what the next phase holds!

“Japes” is really me playing around with the first three letters of this blog’s name, but it works for me.

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