Signs of autumn, they are appearing.

Ah, the gentle tones of the burglar alarms to accompany the cooler evening air, and the darker evenings.

The supermarket aisles cluttered with trolleys and groups of confused people meandering aimlessly, debating with much seriousness.

The same lack of speed at the supermarket tills and lack of logic as to what goes where in their bags – and me standing there, biting my tongue. (Yes, it’s rather sore today, I’m sure it will be better soon.)

The same aimless meanderers and stragglers along the pavements.

The note to self to be careful on dark nights, for the sports training teams will be out running again, and they have no care or concern for the solitary middle aged female pedestrian who might just not like a stream of joggers either side of her.

The explanations to confused bus travellers, “No, I can’t change a £20.00 note, you need the correct money.”

Oh, yes. The students they are returning in their hordes. They don’t get the hang of the burglar alarms on their houses, they haven’t a clue how to shop efficiently, or quickly, and as for packing their bags at the till. Oh dear. My gran is turning in her grave, she had me trained in the art of bag packing long before I was able to carry more than one carrier bag at a time!

They straggle alone the pavements taking up the whole width, and look completely clueless when you ask to get past them.

As for travelling independently…. all I will say is they mostly don’t use the buses around here, other than for occasional trips, and for that I am grateful! I was less able to control my tongue on their train travelling techniques! Or lack of them.

But, on the whole, I’m glad to see them back. It’s quieter around here without them, and we’ll have them trained by the summer.