Small victories….

but very satisfying ones.

The new lunch box has been tracked down and purchased. This has not been without angst. I went along to the emporium that I bought the last one from (2.2 litre clip-lid plastic food storage box. Perfect size, and my standard lunch fits it in beautifully.) as it’s a major player in the supermarkets around here… well, they’d got the box, but they’d gone and compartmentalised it. I didn’t want compartments!! Yes, the little dividers were removable, but there were ridges to put them back into. They would leave marks on my cakes the days I used the lunch box as a cake box.

Five different branches of this lot did I try, including the biggest one I’d ever been in and all to no avail. They were all compartmentalised at that size. Obviously they agreed with me it was perfect lunch box size, but I disagreed it needed a little extra help to make it a perfect lunch box. So, to the stifled giggles of my shopping companion that day, I declared war. They may have gone and messed about with my perfect lunch box, but I wasn’t giving up….

It’s slightly different dimensions, and an extra 0.3 litres of capacity, but I now have the lunch box replacement. (The clip lid was broken on the old one, and I had fears of the cracks harbouring nasty germs after two episodes of not wellness.) moreover, I did not have to purchase a set of eight clip-lid boxes of varying capacities, of which I would probably only ever use about three. Hooray for the small independent “stock almost anything in the household line” shops still in existence..

So, that was the first small victory of the week.

In other victories..

  • I have been for a haircut, and like it.
  • I don’t have to do any supervising of tree removal and fence replacing whilst still on annual leave.
  • I am successfully ignoring the e-mails which are church work related. (I must set up a separate e-mail account for those, methinks.)
  • I am managing not to panic too much about impending changes.
  • I have got through the long list of minuscule tasks which have been piling up for weeks, but about which I have been procrastinating very successfully. (Yes, most of them only took a couple of minutes…)
  • I have had a proper rest from music stuff purely by not getting the piano out of its box and reassembling it!

Another 3 days of mooching, and I will feel like I’ve really managed a decent, relaxing couple of weeks.