Being brave

I am applying for new jobs. This is being extremely brave of me… I’ve had a somewhat interesting employment history, and have only ever done the apply for a job, be interviewed and offered the job once in my entire life!

My current job has kind of evolved around me. It began as something else altogether, but I was noted to be good at one aspect of the work, one we hadn’t realised I would have a natural aptitude for at all. I gave up the original role three years ago, settled into this new role and have never looked back.

But, I work 30 miles away, I now have a second job, organ playing, which is close to home, which I am loving and want to do more of. I’m tired of and by the travelling. The ethos of the job has shifted, and the primary concern no longer seems to be the students. I’m exhausted by some aspects of the role as it has evolved.

So, I am trying for work closer to home… similar field, but in a different environment.

Here’s hoping.