Monthly Archives: July 2013

This may be a transitional few days. Or not.

Now, I am not foolish enough to be certain I will get this job I am being interviewed for this coming week, but, all things being equal, I probably stand a reasonable chance. I tick all of their essential boxes, most of the desirable boxes, and having had a thorough read of the website, tick numerous boxes they didn’t ask about.

I’ve gone from the over-excited “Squeee!!!!!” on receipt of e-mail inviting me to interview, to “Oh my goodness, what have I gone and done this time?” and am now trying to be relaxed about it all.

At the moment the massive plus would be a huge reduction in commuting time and cost. I currently do bus, two trains, and a 20 minute walk on the way in, and reverse that on the way home, often walking rather than bussing the last bit home as well. 1.75 hours each way. This commute is costly time-wise, energy-wise and on the verge of being financially unsustainable if train fares continue to increase annually at the current rate. A new commute would be a minute’s walk to the bus stop, 10 minute bus journey, and a five minute walk to the establishment. A 45 minute walk if I felt so inclined. Could be a two bus journey if I see an appropriate one to change onto at the interchange. I already have the regional bus pass in place, as I use it for getting to and from church, and started using for getting to the station in the mornings, which didn’t save time, but made a huge difference to my energy levels.

So, at the moment, I could be going back into work later in the week either cross for not getting this job (because I do like the sound of it as I’ve looked at it so far), relieved they’ve offered it to someone else, (stuff I’d never thought of materialises on the day) or grateful I do still have a job I enjoy, or carrying a resignation letter.

You know, I actually don’t mind which it is, (apart from the travelling bit…) because I’m just delighted that I’ve been short listed for a full time job on the first attempt, for the first time in my life for someone who doesn’t have a clue who I am!

Being brave

I am applying for new jobs. This is being extremely brave of me… I’ve had a somewhat interesting employment history, and have only ever done the apply for a job, be interviewed and offered the job once in my entire life!

My current job has kind of evolved around me. It began as something else altogether, but I was noted to be good at one aspect of the work, one we hadn’t realised I would have a natural aptitude for at all. I gave up the original role three years ago, settled into this new role and have never looked back.

But, I work 30 miles away, I now have a second job, organ playing, which is close to home, which I am loving and want to do more of. I’m tired of and by the travelling. The ethos of the job has shifted, and the primary concern no longer seems to be the students. I’m exhausted by some aspects of the role as it has evolved.

So, I am trying for work closer to home… similar field, but in a different environment.

Here’s hoping.