Monthly Archives: June 2013

Just a little too much excitement

Possibly, I need a break from public transport! Or, I need to travel at times when other people do not.

So far this week,

  • I’ve been accused of being a baby and child hater for asking the person in charge of the double buggy to move it from the doorway of the train, so I could get to the empty seats I could see and not add to the serious congestion in the doorway and aisles. Irregular train travellers, why do you not sit down when there are seats?
  • I’ve had bruises from a free-range suitcase on wheels on a bus. Smiley Student boarded bus, it took two friends to get all her luggage on, which included two suitcases on wheels. Smiley Student abandoned all of the luggage in a very haphazard fashion to get ticket… in the meantime, the driver drove round a corner, which went slightly down hill, and all luggage on wheels set off, bruising me as it went past. If you can’t control all your own luggage, you have no business being let loose with  it.
  • I have observed numerous discussions betwixt train managers and passengers, which are getting monotonous. (“No, your ticket is not valid on this train/this route/at this time.” “No, that area season ticket is not valid to any station on this line, yes, I know the lady (Me!!) over there has a similar looking pass, the difference is she pays the Out Of County rate to allow her to travel on a combined ticket.” “You really do need to buy a ticket before boarding this train, that’s the Nth time this week you haven’t, and the ticket office is open…”)
  • And, if I have to ask people to let me and other passengers get off the train before they get on it one more time, I am going to scream very, very loudly.

Wanders off for a nice, quiet, introverted, non-travelling rest of the day.