Monthly Archives: February 2013

An unexpected day at home

A day at home, when I should be at work, where I am neither ill, nor snowed in. Once the nice man has done all the gas appliance checks and written me a nice set of certificates, I have a more or less free day.  I have no need to do anything else, other than a little music practice later, and maybe a little ironing of some work clothes. The other chores are all done. (What is this strange universe I seem to be inhabiting at the moment – housework done, chores up to date, paperwork all filed correctly, hymns chosen as far in advance as is reasonable?)

So, why, oh why, am I feeling guilty about thinking about a trip to the cinema. Yes, I know I said a couple of months back, never again, but I do want to see Les Miserables and I’m vaguely hopeful that a mid-week term time early afternoon trip will be more pleasant than a half term afternoon trip. The fact I was willing to take the day off, as I would be going in for only 1 hours worth of work, after the gas man has finished,   was greeted very happily in the current work situation of hours reduced early this year – however, do not, I implore you, get me started on the ridiculousness of losing hours, but not gaining time back. I’m not going to get Saturday as a day off, as I’m doing something church-y. (And missing Scotland v. Italy, more to the point. After the opening round of Six Nations, this looks like being a more interesting match than I had anticipated.)


We interrupt this post to enquire why none of you told me all the gas cooker needed was a new battery for the self-ignite switch?! The gas cooker matches can now become the emergency ones instead.


And, in the meantime – I have convinced myself I am being totally idiotic, and will take myself off to a different cinema!