Monthly Archives: January 2013

Settling down

Sometime in the course of this month (around 14th – I had calculated it to the 14th, then found my original address list, and dates of changes, and I now think it’s a little bit later. No matter, 14th is a nice date.) I will have lived at my current address for the longest consecutive period of time in my adult life. I have had my fourth Christmas at the same place. Though, rather to my shame, at a fourth different church.

But, for the first time in those four Christmasses, I didn’t just hunker down into 10/12 days of complete solitude, and lack of communication with the rest of the human race. I re-connected with people I’ve not been in touch for for ages, something I’ve been intending to do, but not done each year.

My work routines seem to have settled in for this academic year and I find myself with suitable gaps in the week to fit in music practice, and to get to church to do organ practice. It was chilly last night!

Then, there was the momentous decision to put the bus travel card onto Direct Debit. I dislike DD for lots of reasons, but an hour or so of working the sums out, based on an autumn’s worth of travel tickets (for I’ve used the bus much more this autumn) adding in my growing irritation of the need to have the correct change at all times with me, (for my local buses do not give change) and realisation that methods of getting the correct change often involved chocolate … confirmed my hunch that this would be a Good Thing to do. So, forms were filled in, photos sent off, and February’s ticket is here ready and waiting for me. Trains I will continue to do on the month/weekly/daily as required basis, as that still works out more cheaply.

However, with the way train fares have rocketed in the three years I’ve done this, getting a job more locally has wriggled its way to the top of my To Do list again. It’s a 13.3% increase from the sum I was¬†originally¬†paying to today’s price. I like my current job, but I’m feeling a lot more confident about looking for a new one than I was. Whether I stay in the same field of work, or try something else, I don’t know yet.

So, Happy New Year, albeit a little late..