The Annual Act of Wanton Destruction

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my Annual Act of Wanton Destruction, it would seem.

Last year it was planned, (re-papering the sitting room did mean removing the old wallpaper,) this year, it most definitely was not. I am patiently, and slowly, sawing away at a bolt whose locking mechanism has given up. Though, I may have to put a bit more effort into it soon. At the moment I am separated from the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine and my best bucket. Oh, and the downstairs toilet. Fortunately, there is an upstairs one. Still, it means I feel not one bit guilty about not doing the laundry or the hoovering…. though, a quick check of the clothing situation has revealed it would be prudent to be able to use the washing machine by Tuesday, at the latest. Either that, or buy some more underwear…

4 thoughts on “The Annual Act of Wanton Destruction

  1. Go for it. Buy some new underwear and leave the sawing to the New Year.
    Ah, so it’s nearly New Year.
    Still…. you’ll probably never have this good an excuse ever again!

  2. It’s certainly the most original excuse I’ve ever come up with and is entertaining all who hear of it.

    The sawing is happening in the patented Japes “Do a Chore Whilst Waiting for the Kettle to Boil” approach to housework. Remarkably effective, and ensures I have plenty of hot drinks.

    But, I may just buy some new underwear anyway!

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