First time, last time

Today, for the first time ever, I went to see a Bond Film in the cinema. I enjoyed the story, had my eyes closed for some of it, (for I am a wimp about action films) and am glad I went to see it.


Today, for the last time, I visited a cinema. From now on, I will wait to see any film I want to see on DVD.

I really did not enjoy people checking their phones regularly throughout the film. The constant lighting up of the phone screens flickering across the audience was a real distraction.

Nor did I appreciate being told as I left the cinema how rude I was to ask the couple in front of me to stop checking their phones. Apparently, they were waiting for an urgent call. Really? So you sit as far away from the door as possible, and check your phone every five minutes? You go to a place where you are asked to switch your phones off whilst awaiting an urgent, emergency call. I think not.

So, I will cross “enjoy the occasional trip to the cinema” off the list of Japes’ treats. Because, I can’t see this situation improving, and I’m blowed if I’m going to get as cross in the cinema when I’m meant to be enjoying the film, as I can about mobile phone use in quiet carriages on trains. (I’ve given up on quiet carriages – they’re never quiet.)

2 thoughts on “First time, last time

  1. I feared that our trip to the cinema to see Skyfall would be marred in the same way – particularly as Mr D gets wound up by this sort of thing (as well as whispering/ noisy food/ slurpy drinking). However, I do have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of mobile phones lighting up.
    Someone did take a photo of the cinema screen when it was showing the Shanghai skyline (why? I guessed they were either going there on holiday, or that they were pretending that they were in Shanghai when they were in fact only in Lyon.) but that was really the only disturbance. We were lucky, obviously!

  2. No mobile phone trouble here either….despite the cinema being so full that the Smudgelet and I had to sit separately. Loved the film!
    I’ve watched films when I’ve needed to be able to be contacted urgently by phone. It’s easy. You set the phone to vibrate and put it in a pocket where you cannot help but feel it vibrating (once this happened and I let out a rather surprised “ooh!” but it caused more giggles than annoyance to those around me!). It does not necessitate repeatedly checking your phone.

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