Monthly Archives: October 2012

New routines

It’s taken a month, but I’m now well and truly in the swing of the two job thing again!

Main job has settled down, hours have shifted around, and a bit of a clear space has been created so I can get some organ practice in on a weekday. I’m fitting in some regular piano practice and that’s helped loads, but I do need to practice regularly at an organ.

I have learnt  I also need to readjust some food routines – I definitely need to eat more breakfast on a Sunday, and have my main meal when I get home from church at midday, especially if I’m going back for an evening or late afternoon session.  I also need to consider eating more substantially at lunch times in the week, or a more substantial breakfast. I’m getting home later, and it’s not great eating later these days.

It’s busy, but good.

Ask a silly question….

Oh dear me. What a to-do!

I expect silly questions from those I work with – it’s part of the job, it’s how it is. I handle those well, on the whole. I think.

What I don’t handle well, I’m told, is intrusive questions about my past life from colleagues, at inappropriate times, and places.

No, I don’t get it either. If I asked questions about someone’s former marriage, their former relationships, someone I only know vaguely through a work situation, and used the following wording, “How interesting, do you miss it/them?” and expect a friendly chat about it, during working hours, I’d rightly expect all I got in the way of angry reaction. I think, on the whole, I was restrained to wait until the work session had finished, then politely state I did not appreciate questions about my private life whilst working.

Still, it’s all sorted now. I’ve made it very clear I will discuss the facts about my former life, I will not discuss my feelings and emotions behind them. They are between me and God, and will remain there.

I think it was all OK.

…after a lot of practice yesterday and today, then playing for Harvest and Evensong, I think I can describe myself as an organist again. Will need to do lots of getting myself acquainted with the vagaries of the instrument, but it’s coming.

Am tired now.

It’s good to be back where I belong, though.