Wherein I have surprised myself..

Goodness me. I have been gardening for much of the day. I have quite enjoyed it. When I say gardening I don’t mean anything complicated, I just mean tidying the front hedge, attacking the third of the grassed area with the shears (it does not deserve the name of lawn at the moment) so that when a dry day comes along and I can get the grass cutting machine out, it won’t die of exhaustion (it is on it’s very last gasp anyway) and weeding the paths.

This odd state of affairs may have come about because I have been office bound for weeks now, and it really doesn’t suit me. I know this, my team know this – the team I’d been lent to for two days a week now know this. So, a day of relatively strenuous activity has been very pleasant.

I have also been enjoying  the Olympics. I was staying with friends the opening weekend, and really loved the Opening ceremony, and the events we watched. Now I’m back home in my TV free zone, I’m enjoying the occasional on-line clip of the best bits, and catching the news about it on the radio. It’s sufficient. Actually, I surprise myself every four years by enjoying it more than I think I will!!

I have also, after taking nearly a month to calm down, claimed a most satisfying victory.

I’m also giggling at myself, after realising several truths about me and church. Dear me, I am a slow learner. But, I’m getting there, which is what matters, and, more to the point, I’m getting to where God wants me.

2 thoughts on “Wherein I have surprised myself..

  1. I have “lurked” on your blog for a long time. If you could share any of your truths about church, I would be most appreciative. I find I cry almost the whole time, so I just don’t go at all.

  2. Hello, Ann, and welcome!

    It’s probably quite a long, involved post – and one I probably should write for my own sake in the next few days.

    It’s complicated, and messy, and I’ve confirmed a few uncomfortable truths about myself in the process, but it seems to be about trusting God’s ideas about where I should be, rather than my own. So, I’ve tried very hard to fit myself into churches which don’t seem to have Japes-shaped spaces in them and it’s kind of astounded me, as I thought I could be quite happy going to any church, more or less, and finding a home there.

    The penny dropped when I realised I had the same “difficulty” in my education work world! Now I’m in the right kind of establishment, I am flourishing, the students I work with are achieving, but in the wrong place, with the wrong kind of students, it was a nightmare.

    I will write a more comprehensive post soon!

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