Monthly Archives: June 2012

Seems to have come to the end of term

I do dislike this messy end of year business. I don’t know why I’m complaining, it’s this way every year! There is a technical end of term, but students finish when they’re all signed off, and they’ve been going in dribs and drabs for weeks now. My students were all done and out of the place last week. I’ve been working with students I don’t know (who all still have masses to finish) this week, but it’s all been a bit erratic, and today’s student didn’t turn up. (Frustrating when that happens.) But, I think I can safely say as of today, my direct contact with students is over for this academic year.

But, I’m not going to work next week. Thanks to the wonders of TOIL, (Time Of In Lieu) I have all of next week off. In what is still technically term time. I can’t quite get my head around that, but it is so.

So, for the next nine weeks, three of which are holiday, I turn up at the start of the day, am assigned work to do, (or carry on if I’ve got a biggish project on hand, which I know I have for two of the weeks) and work only my set hours for the week. How I do them is up to me. Sadly, I can’t quite squeeze them into three days, but still will get long weekends, as I’ll probably work Monday to Thursday.

There is still decorating to finish.. I have bathroom, stairwell and kitchen woodwork to gloss, and wallpaper to stick back on a few bits of ceiling. I have one door (one side only) to varnish. There appears to be a jungle to deal with… I have gazed in awe at the nettles that are taller than me, but I have managed to cut most of the grass this afternoon.

However, none of it’s going to get done this week! It may be a TOIL week, but I am remarkably tired, and am going to be quite, quite lazy. The house is clean, I’ve sorted all the paperwork out, cleaned my bag and pencil cases out, the laundry is done, the ironing is done…  yep, a lazy week beckons!!

Plan? What plan?!

It’s serious “go with the flow” time at work now!

The Plan for today was – have a lie-in, have a quick housework whirlwind half hour or so, go sick visiting, do three hours of paid employment, and relax for the evening.

What I actually did was – have the lie-in,  get an apologetic message to say the visit would have to be postponed, dealt with the front hedge and area grandly known as the front garden, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, went to paid employment via the recycling,  found out it was a wasted journey from doing any work point of view as there was none to be done, but an excellent journey as I’ve discovered I’ve accumulated enough over-time hours for another week off! (Normally I claim the extra, but for once, I’d rather have the time to get caught up with a few people, and chores.) Then I did some serious piano practice.

It’s also come to my attention it is very difficult to buy a purse. Not helped by the fact the excellent bag stall in the nearest little market area has closed down.

Random… really random

Describes current state of play so well. But, before I forget all these bits of randomness..

  • Blood tests all normal
  • End of year has arrived upon me with extreme speed – and without the dramas of last year. (Well, not with any of my students. Apart from one, and it’s a minor drama rather than a major one.) Only four more proper days to go with most of them.
  • Rain will persist in thwarting my excellent intentions to deal with the garden
  • There will be some decorating drama this summer, but minimal. Just some glossing, re-sticking of wall-paper on ceilings, and some door varnishing
  • I have re- discovered the Holy Spirit moves in very mysterious ways indeed. I am not complaining! I am very excited.
  • I am pondering being a church nomad for the summer… whilst I can.
  • Scotland won a game of rugby yesterday
  • No very vocal football supporters seem to live in my vicinity, which is a blessing.
  • I am much better occupied on outings when I can sit still in one place and mind all the coats and bags. Safer, too. For everyone.
  • I am enjoying driving to work rather than train. It seems less tiring this year than the previous years I have had use of a car for a few weeks.
  • Why is the longest reasonable route home the quickest?
  • The re-introduction of the equipment to make cake seems to have improved my quality of life, to say nothing of my social life, enormously.