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The Saga of the Repeat Test

I have coffee, I am calm…

Two weeks ago, after work, in the evening, I toddled along to the doctor to get the blood test results, and he told me a repeat of part of the test was needed, and to book an appointment for a months time. The lovely lady at reception asked me to call back to arrange this in two weeks, as there were no appointments on the system for the dates we’d be looking at. I smiled, noted this in my diary, and went off quite content.

Then, two weeks on, I had a reminder call from the surgery, both at home and on my mobile which is switched off during the working day unless negotiations have taken place for an expected, essential call. Trust me, you don’t want to do those negotiations more than once a year or so. The long term memory of the teenager is awesome  when it comes to the number of my transgressions in the using the phone department.  I duly called the surgery back when I got home, ascertained there were still no appointments on the system, and agreed to phone back at the beginning of this week.

Between now and then, I’ve had two more calls and a letter asking me to make the appointment I couldn’t make because there were no appointments on the system. (The letter got sent because the morning receptionist didn’t know I’d responded to the first calls, and because she got no response, as I’d phoned in the evening, as far as she was concerned, no response had come from me!)  It finally got made last night, to the great relief of both me and the evening receptionist.  Who has finally had the sense to leave a note on the system saying I can’t phone back during the working day, as I won’t get the messages until I get home!

I am pleased my doctor’s surgery is very diligent, but  I have suggested they take into consideration I may be one of the few people on their books (a) in full time employment, and (b) who commutes out of city for work. I am hoping fervently that the blip they noted was purely my system not liking the two weeks worth of flu-type illness, rather than something else.

Just when I thought things were going to wind down…

For most people in my place of work, in my department, that’s true. I, however, am in that privileged minority with a bit of of a reputation to uphold. For, I am known to achieve the seemingly impossible, for  dealing with miracles on a daily basis, and a capacity for coping with crises that is unparalleled in my sphere of influence.

So, the list of those who get my undivided attention between now and the end of their course work is being created. There will be anguish, tantrums, and possibly tears (but I won’t let on…) but there will be completion.

I think I’d better go and stock up on the chocolate.

Quality time with my sofa


Yes, well, that was a waste of 12 days! Still, my doctor now recognises me, my sickness record is well and truly shot to pieces, but I’ve saved some money on travel. My sofa and I have never had so much quality time together, and I’ve never been out of the house so little in All My Born Days.

Normal service is resuming, though. A little removing of the dust and cobwebs, a little hoovering, a little cleaning of the toilets has taken place… Scrabble opponents are muttering darkly about being beaten again… (“I’ll tell the doctor you’re  really, really not well, I’ve just won three games in a row.” offered one opponent after the first dreadful appointment where I was all ready to change doctor. Things improved on the second visit, thankfully. This surgery is within walking distance but  also on a direct bus route when I’m not well. Which, on the whole, is my state when I require a doctor. But, then I plan my life around the Number 11 bus.)

However, I do not wish to over-do things and give myself a relapse. (As happened with the Great Flu Dramas of 2008/09 and 1990.) So, I’m sitting quietly, (when not blogging, checking the whole of the Internet, replying to the pile of e-mails that has accumulated, ) with a pile of hymn books, contentedly adding to my Index of Indices. I did bits of it somewhere in those 12 days, but I can attest to being so much better as I’ve added over 300 hymns this morning, whereas I was averaging 20 or so, then needing an hours nap. Admittedly, today I am tackling a book that is in alphabetical order, and with lots of hymns that don’t have alternative titles, so am kind of speeding along the spreadsheet column with ease. Two days ago, it was also alphabetical order, but with loads of alternative titles. Maybe it was a bit over-ambitious to  go for a seasonally arranged book when Not At All Well. It also took a couple of hours to untangle the messes created by inserting cells and not rows…

I’ve also got ammunition for my students who are grumbling madly about having to work with spreadsheets – I keep telling them they are beautiful, and they don’t believe me.  Never mind, they’ve had a fortnight off me and my inanities, it’s back to normal tomorrow!

But, for today, I will continue with the quality time with my sofa.