Monthly Archives: February 2012

It is finished

The wallpapering, that is. Getting the old wallpaper off had taken up far more time and energy than I’d thought it would, and it didn’t get finished before I went back to work after Christmas- and I’d not been inclined to do it on any of the last five Saturdays for one reason or another. Sundays I refuse to do such things, and I’ve been testing out New Church properly, anyway.

This is a great relief. I’m not going to start painting over it yet, as I want it to settle and dry properly, and I’d rather be painting in the warmer weather anyway, but it does feel like the end of the decorating is in sight, as that just leaves the glossing to finish. Which may well be the summer’s weekdays not in work project! (Only one day a week this summer, though.) So, only a year later than planned!

I am exceptionally pleased with myself, because not only did I manage to get it all done this morning, I got a huge chunk of the half-termly thorough cleaning session done this afternoon as well, leaving only the kitchen to do tomorrow. This also means I’ve probably got a bit more free time for the rest of the half-term break than I’d planned.

So, once the kitchen is restored to a hygienic state, the ironing done, and the month’s Big Shop is complete, I am a free Japes, apart from the two days in work, until next Monday. I am going to the “Lost in Lace” exhibition later in the week, before it finishes, with a friend who is very interested in such things.  Maybe just chilling and catching up on sleep might not be a bad idea….

That was… unexpected

Work was very unexpected… I will be signing a new contract this week, which is working massively in my favour. Not something I expected at all on being summoned to meet the head of department and her sidekick. (My boss’s boss was how I described it to my students, who wanted to know where I was going, leaving a lesson five minutes early. Outrageous behaviour.)

So, I’m staying put until a more ideal job comes along, and as I’ve no clue what that is, I’m taking this as a Sign I’m in the right place, doing the right thing for now. I’d been half heartedly job hunting, as I do want to have a job closer to home, but maybe this is how it’s meant to be.

Then, yesterday dealt me the interesting blow of a problem in the roof space, one that I don’t think is going to be solved easily or quickly. I think it’s been a problem for a long time… then there was the frozen pipe, but I’ve learnt my lessons very well there, and with the help of three hot water bottles and a hairdryer, that one was solved.

It being Education Sunday (no, I’d not really heard of it either, but it exists) we were in the interesting situation of being a very full church, lots of children, teachers and parents from the church primary school, with very few regulars. I was moved to think it was just as well, as there really wouldn’t have been enough seats otherwise… I may have gone to the Quakers next door in that case! I was charmingly entertained by a beautifully well behaved toddler, who responded well to smiles, and peek-a-boo when it was all getting too boring up front… I think I have a new friend. The intercessions were entirely predictable – prayers for teachers and pupils in schools and universities. I prayed fervently for all the support staff and admin staff, of any kind,  and those in FE and higher education establishments that are not universities.

The weather has brought unexpected entertainment. Well, it was much more interesting watching cars struggle and fail along the little hill, and unexpected bend outside my house. No damaged parked cars, fortunately. Locals know not to park this end of the road, if it can be avoided, in the snow.

We won’t discuss the Rugby. I despair.

Here’s hoping the snow doesn’t freeze overnight. I’d rather work this week, than have to make up hours during half term! I’ve got plans for half term!!