Oh yes!! Tomorrow, wallpapering takes place.

What? It’s Christmas, it’s holiday time…. yes, yes, I know all that, but what’s a Japes to do? It’s got to be done and this is the best time to do it! I’m at home for 12 days, it’s quiet, the neighbours are away, I needed something to do, and lying around doing very little lost all attraction around 4.00 p.m. on Christmas afternoon, once the sneezles and wheezles had all finished, and my end of term exhaustion had worn off.

More to the point, by then I was in a mood most foul and horrible, and not fit to be inflicted on anyone else. Honest, this was far and away the best plan. Constructive destruction it was…. I took all my temper out on stripping off the old wallpaper. I caused chaos in my local DIY emporium. I started by needing 10 rolls of wallpaper that was way out of my reach, continued with not seeing something that was right in front of my nose  – I was looking for a gray Stanley knife, not a blue one. I finished by dropping a tin of paint upside down, I was so proud – I only lost a bit of it, I was so fast in shoving the tin back onto it’s lid. I can’t imagine why the man who dealt with all of this went in a different direction when I went back the next day for the step ladder and some new screwdrivers.

I feel a whole heap better than if I’d had a lazy time, but next time I feel inspired to do this sort of thing over Christmas, I’m not telling anyone until it’s all over. I have caused angst and anguish amongst those who see this time of year for family and friends…. yes, well, that’s so not going to happen. We agreed about that a good while ago. I love my family, but we don’t spend time together. I love my friends as well, but the ones I’d like to be with are a long way away.

Still, enough of other people’s angst. I am excited about my wallpapering!