Ow! My aching arms! and back!

But, I’m delighted they are aching, for it means the piano is now here, and I think I did about five hours practice yesterday, as well as getting it here, set up and in it’s rightful place!

We will gloss over the saga of woe that occurred between me ordering and paying for , and actually getting said piano. It’s not pretty, but justice has been done.

Possibly bringing it home myself, on a shopping trolley, was a little foolish. It is designed to be used for moving around, but whilst it’s much the same size as my keyboard for width, and depth, it’s considerably heavier, and it has it’s own dedicated stand, which is correspondingly heavier than my keyboard’s X-stand.  So, the box to house all of this + its packaging is about the same size as me.. . in fact, out of curiosity, once I could – I did discover I could fit in the box quite nicely.

So, yes, getting a taxi would have been sensible.

However, sensible and Japes do not always belong in the same sentence when she is determined to get something done. I was determined this piano was coming home.

There are a couple of glitches, but once they are sorted, I am very content with this purchase. It will be a great practice piano, and because the keys are properly weighted, the piano playing arm and back muscles will be kept in better trim. But, oh, I am aching today!

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