Moving swiftly on from the subject of Rugby (I’m now Welsh for the duration…and there was serious dispute amongst my colleagues about how I could possibly consider supporting Wales or France in preference to England. I give in – trying to explain my deep sense of Scottishness to the non-Scot is beyond me.) we return to our more normal meanderings.

So, in no particular order…

  • 6 job applications have been filled in and sent off. I am surprisingly excited about these, and hope something comes of them!
  • I’m thoroughly enjoying work this year, to my surprise, but still not enough to keep commuting the distance I am doing if a Japes shaped job comes up nearer home. Hence the job applications.
  • I am delighted that there have been some more mental shifts – hence the energy to (a) enjoy work and (b) actually fill out, and send off 6 job applications.
  • I seem to have come to an amicable agreement with myself about church stuff, and as a result, stuff that’s been bothering me is no longer doing so. I may even be able to take myself home to one of the local Anglican churches… for, despite my attempts to be otherwise, I am Anglican though and though.
  • I am deeply grateful to the local RC priest, who listened to me on Sunday night after the Churches Together event, which helped shift the last of the mental rubbish.
  • I am an aunt of a 21 year old. How can this be?
  • I have new, quiet neighbours who know how to shut internal doors quietly. I’m still getting over the shock of that one after two years of people who were incapable of this small feat.
  • I am pondering a longer post of the plight of the single pedestrian.


2 thoughts on “Hotch-potch

  1. the need of mental energy when filling in job apps can not be overstated in my opinion – it’s one of the reasons I rarely change jobs, I just can’t face the THINKING involved 😉 – glad you’re clearing out the last of the grooblys and making space though, must be feeling good!

  2. Thanks, MissLisa. I’ve changed theme, as for some reason, I couldn’t comment in my favourite theme. Sad. I apologise for being so long to respond to this.

    And, some time on from writing this, the grooblys (gorgeous word!!) seem to be staying away, and the energy levels staying up.

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