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Whilst I’m waiting

For the 3rd time this week, I am waiting for the man to come and change my locks. He may discover, if he doesn’t get here today, that I have very strongly formed opinions on the iniquities of messing me about like this. I am the daughter of the  kind of workman who does this to people without letting them know he’s going to be late/can’t do the job/takes on too much work and whilst I am very accepting of the fact stuff goes wrong, I am not at all accepting of rudeness in the form of failure to communicate lateness/inability to turn up/putting all the onus on the customer to phone and find out. (If I were paying for this, I’d be sorely tempted to deduct the cost of phone calls and my time taken away from other things from the final bill. I’m only putting up with it because I’m not paying. I will also, if asked, suggest my landlady does not use this man again.)

I think I spent far too many years in the parental dwelling dealing with/coping with fall out from the angst caused by workmen failing to turn up when they said they would… I’m sure this is why I prefer to do the work myself where at all possible.

I’m also waiting for the music shop to phone and say they have my piano. Sighs…

Still, I’m going out once it’s done, to get new library books, and other nice tasks, which have been waiting until the work was done.

How odd..

It’s been a bizarre day.

I’ve been in the oddest of moods, since late yesterday afternoon, for the silliest of reasons, which has sent me into a spiral of panic. (All over a dress! Told you it was silly.)

I’m also cross because I’ve been waiting in all day for someone to come and do the final job before I can get on with mine, and I could have done with using today doing practical things to work out this odd mood.

I think reaction also has set in about having a piano. It signifies something I’d not really realised, and I’m scared all over again.

Letting people into my life again is scary too.

But, I’ll be OK soon!


The newest member of the family …. except I’ve got to wait a week whilst they order it!!

I did, however, spend quite a bit of time testing it out in the shop, and am quite satisfied it will do all that I will be asking of it.

And I did test a good few others before making my choice.

So, the fuller report will be forthcoming once I’ve really got it here.

Plan? What plan?!

It’s been a great, but busy few weeks. I thought I had got through the half-term reasonably well, until I spent most of yesterday asleep, and then over-slept this morning, messing up Plan A of early church, followed by rugby (Yay for the All Blacks!!) followed by a meander to see how the half-marathon was doing.

So, usual Sunday plan took place – which I’m actually quite glad about. I’m trying not  to “church-hop” in the mornings, but only in the evenings as the church I go to in the mornings has no evening service. The infant being dedicated this morning made me giggle so much. He was such a happy, beautifully-behaved child, with the most expressive face.

Plan A for the half term break is also under reconsideration. September/October are very tight months financially in my line of work, and going away even for an occasional day trip wasn’t an option, so I had planned to finish off the odd DIY tasks I’d set myself over the summer, but which had to be postponed after the discovery of various bigger jobs that needed doing by someone else! With the exception of one job, they’ve all been completed. Some of the smaller tasks I’ve got on with at weekends, as I’ve not been so exhausted as I’ve been in previous autumn terms, so the list isn’t as long as I thought it was going to be.

However, I have finally received a significant amount of money back from the taxman. After careful consideration that I have received the correct amount, said cheque has been banked and cleared. So, my bank account, which was perilously close to crossing over the border into overdraft territory, is looking astonishingly healthy, and pay day is still to come.

The prudent plan would be to save most of it! I considered this carefully for a while… about half an hour or so.

The other prudent plan would be to buy some new clothes. Which I am going to do a certain amount of! (Appropriate clothing for a wedding, possible interviews, some new shoes and underwear are on that list!)

The main item on the shopping list, however, is a digital piano. My keyboard has done sterling work over the ten years I’ve had it, but it’s not an 88 key one, nor is it proper piano action on the keys. I’m limited in what I can play on it, the key action is over the top light and sensitive and it’s been frustrating beyond belief. I’ve learnt to cope with it, but by limiting myself. The purist in me wants a real piano, the pragmatist knows a digital one will fit in this house better, and I can practise when I want to, as I can wear earphones.

So, tomorrow, for the first time in months, I’m off shopping!!!


Moving swiftly on from the subject of Rugby (I’m now Welsh for the duration…and there was serious dispute amongst my colleagues about how I could possibly consider supporting Wales or France in preference to England. I give in – trying to explain my deep sense of Scottishness to the non-Scot is beyond me.) we return to our more normal meanderings.

So, in no particular order…

  • 6 job applications have been filled in and sent off. I am surprisingly excited about these, and hope something comes of them!
  • I’m thoroughly enjoying work this year, to my surprise, but still not enough to keep commuting the distance I am doing if a Japes shaped job comes up nearer home. Hence the job applications.
  • I am delighted that there have been some more mental shifts – hence the energy to (a) enjoy work and (b) actually fill out, and send off 6 job applications.
  • I seem to have come to an amicable agreement with myself about church stuff, and as a result, stuff that’s been bothering me is no longer doing so. I may even be able to take myself home to one of the local Anglican churches… for, despite my attempts to be otherwise, I am Anglican though and though.
  • I am deeply grateful to the local RC priest, who listened to me on Sunday night after the Churches Together event, which helped shift the last of the mental rubbish.
  • I am an aunt of a 21 year old. How can this be?
  • I have new, quiet neighbours who know how to shut internal doors quietly. I’m still getting over the shock of that one after two years of people who were incapable of this small feat.
  • I am pondering a longer post of the plight of the single pedestrian.