Daily Archives: August 27, 2011

Variations on the Rethink Theme

Life is like a fugue with at least three different themes at the moment. I’m never quite sure which them is going to be the one I hear next.

However, after more consultations, more plotting, it looks like work will begin week after next on the stuff that needs doing that I can’t do! I still disagree with the two builders about the stairwell, but, at the moment, will try not to say “I told you so” if I am proved correct.

Annoyingly, it’s really not worth doing any of the odd jobs I could do, until the builders have done theirs. I am trying to be philosophical, trying not to mind that I’ve probably got to redo the whole of one room, and keep telling myself it could’ve been worse. But, I had so wanted it to be done before the start of term, because once term starts big practical tasks just don’t happen, and today was the day I’d been hoping it would all be done by. What I’ve done looks great, though, and this room will be good too. Just not yet.

On the really positive side, I somehow seem to have worked it so that I’m off for the next 9 days. Then, I’m back to full time work again. So, since I can’t do any more decorating work, maybe I’ll have a bit of a break, and do some other things instead!!