The Ongoing Adventures of the Painting and Decorating have had to have a bit of a rethink. Not much of a one, but the doors definitely need two coats of paint. I also need to watch out for a clear day so I can re-varnish the back door. And, my landlady definitely wants to do some gardening this week, so I do not want to be glossing the downstairs rooms woodwork whilst she is traipsing in and out between the tiny patch of garden at the front, and the back garden. Especially if garden waste is going to be coming through the house. (Anything going anywhere from the back garden has to come through!)

So, once I’ve attended to the remains of the upstairs painting and the woodwork down the stairs tomorrow, a halt will be called. For, believe it or not, I am on holiday, as various of my friends have been reminding me!!

I still have three weeks of part time work, though, so I am not too perturbed at this, though I’d been hoping to get all the glossing finished this week, leaving only bits and pieces to do next. (Odd bits that I’ve missed, bits of wall paper that could do with a re-glue, a massive cleaning session as I reassemble each room… things like that!) The kitchen cupboards, utility room and pantry can all wait for another time, as I do want to have a bit of a lazy few days before the full time work starts up again.