Daily Archives: August 11, 2011

On holiday…

So the theory goes!

Luckily, I’d already decided I was going to do as much of the painting and decorating as I could in this first week, so I wasn’t that bothered by having a week at home. So, I have one spare room/music room/book room painted, and the stair way. Walls and ceilings. Woodwork is still to happen. But, I ache.

So, I’m going to have a break for a day or two, and do some more gentle activities. Such as toddle into the city centre, check it’s still standing (for much has gone on there this week…) give a little business custom to those who’ve lost it this week, and get some new library books to read. Suss out some new work trousers, maybe, or some new backpacks.

After all, I am on holiday!