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I told you so…

My assessment of the situation regarding the stairwell was correct! I couldn’t have guessed the cause, which was only found by sending the builder up into the loft, but, oh, I am so grateful I stuck to my opinion that Something Was Not Right. (As, if it had been left, there would have been a much worse mess to deal with when it was all discovered.)

Maybe I have a whole new career ahead of me..

Variations on the Rethink Theme

Life is like a fugue with at least three different themes at the moment. I’m never quite sure which them is going to be the one I hear next.

However, after more consultations, more plotting, it looks like work will begin week after next on the stuff that needs doing that I can’t do! I still disagree with the two builders about the stairwell, but, at the moment, will try not to say “I told you so” if I am proved correct.

Annoyingly, it’s really not worth doing any of the odd jobs I could do, until the builders have done theirs. I am trying to be philosophical, trying not to mind that I’ve probably got to redo the whole of one room, and keep telling myself it could’ve been worse. But, I had so wanted it to be done before the start of term, because once term starts big practical tasks just don’t happen, and today was the day I’d been hoping it would all be done by. What I’ve done looks great, though, and this room will be good too. Just not yet.

On the really positive side, I somehow seem to have worked it so that I’m off for the next 9 days. Then, I’m back to full time work again. So, since I can’t do any more decorating work, maybe I’ll have a bit of a break, and do some other things instead!!

Rethink of the Rethink…

Bother, bother and more bother.

After some consultation with all involved parties, and including the builder (Yep, that was necessary) I’m holding fire on doing any more to the decorating, other than tidying up the bits I’ve been doing.

For –

(a) Damp patches need dealing with. There is a plan. But it won’t happen in these next three weeks.

(b) New locks are needed – no point in dealing with that door frame until the new locks are fitted.

(c) The back door and window frame definitely need attention before the real cold sets in.

(d) I disagree with the builder about the stairwell, but will need to prove it!! I need a ladder….

And, (e) before I have a load of friends turning up on the doorstep and forcing me into it, I do need some kind of relaxing time before term starts again!!

So, I’ve done less than I wanted to get done, “created” more work as well which I’m not pleased about, but overall I do feel so, so, so much better about it all. The two rooms that have been completed look splendid, the two rooms that have gone on hold look considerably better, and, OK, the less said about the stairwell, the better, but it’s still a vast improvement and I can do the rest of the work on that later in the week, as there’s only about three hours work there. Oh, and possibly the glossing in the bathroom… that’s a little job.

The keyboard’s been reassembled, and I’ve spent the past two days dodging from sofa to keyboard, just enjoying reading, and music-making, and generally being lazy.




The Ongoing Adventures of the Painting and Decorating have had to have a bit of a rethink. Not much of a one, but the doors definitely need two coats of paint. I also need to watch out for a clear day so I can re-varnish the back door. And, my landlady definitely wants to do some gardening this week, so I do not want to be glossing the downstairs rooms woodwork whilst she is traipsing in and out between the tiny patch of garden at the front, and the back garden. Especially if garden waste is going to be coming through the house. (Anything going anywhere from the back garden has to come through!)

So, once I’ve attended to the remains of the upstairs painting and the woodwork down the stairs tomorrow, a halt will be called. For, believe it or not, I am on holiday, as various of my friends have been reminding me!!

I still have three weeks of part time work, though, so I am not too perturbed at this, though I’d been hoping to get all the glossing finished this week, leaving only bits and pieces to do next. (Odd bits that I’ve missed, bits of wall paper that could do with a re-glue, a massive cleaning session as I reassemble each room… things like that!) The kitchen cupboards, utility room and pantry can all wait for another time, as I do want to have a bit of a lazy few days before the full time work starts up again.

Disturbed Equilibrium

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I have been bad-tempered ever since I returned home yesterday, and it’s only just begun to wear off. I haven’t dared do much more painting or decorating for fear of doing such a bad job that I’d have to re-do it when calmer. For starters, I was deeply annoyed to discover a huge chuck of wallpaper has detached itself from the wall in the most awkward place, but not completely, and had been getting cross with the whole stairwell painting anyway. It’s also got to a really bitty lot of things to do, and ideally I need to gloss the woodwork in the room I’ve just finished painting, move as much stuff as I can into that room, then go mad and do the other three rooms, and stairwell all in one go!

Then, I was philosophically (well, as philosophically as is possible when in the kind of strop I’ve been in) blaming my hormones, and currently just try to ride it out by repeating to myself it’s only a short time… but it’s inconvenient, because if I’m that hormonal, doing heavy work is not a good plan.

But, no, on calmer reflection, I think it’s all really a combination of seeing what damage was done in Birmingham City Centre yesterday, knowing the area where the three young men were killed really well, and a friend who “treated” me to her opinions as to what should now be done and who is to blame (for the rioting/disorder/looting as a whole!). I left her feeling really shaky, and wishing I’d not called round. And additionally, there are some old, old sore spots rubbed the wrong way…left me feeling very un-peaceful. Or rather, it’s torn away the veneer of calm, and exposed exactly what it is that’s been bothering me that I couldn’t or wouldn’t name.

There’s a peace vigil going to be held in the park near to where the young men died. I’ll be going. I’ve deliberately not set foot in that park since moving back to this city. I have few happy memories of the time I lived near there, but not only do I need to do something to mark what an awful week this has been for so many, I need to make my peace with some of my own past in that area, and my own teenage years.

At some point, I also need to go back to at least three churches and make my peace there. For, until I do, I will never settle in another one.

On holiday…

So the theory goes!

Luckily, I’d already decided I was going to do as much of the painting and decorating as I could in this first week, so I wasn’t that bothered by having a week at home. So, I have one spare room/music room/book room painted, and the stair way. Walls and ceilings. Woodwork is still to happen. But, I ache.

So, I’m going to have a break for a day or two, and do some more gentle activities. Such as toddle into the city centre, check it’s still standing (for much has gone on there this week…) give a little business custom to those who’ve lost it this week, and get some new library books to read. Suss out some new work trousers, maybe, or some new backpacks.

After all, I am on holiday!