Being well adjusted.

So far, so very good. On the new glasses front, that is. I make no claim to be well adjusted in any other area of life at the moment.

After an initial “Um, is this right?” moment, as I did not like what I was seeing, before I realised there were some strange markings on the lenses which the nice young lady would remove as soon as she’d checked I was basically OK, I seem to have taken to varifocals with remarkable ease and rapidity. I did worry the optician by saying I was leaving them on! “But, that’s not a good idea…” I promised to be careful, to watch steps and kerbs, and that I wasn’t driving home. I do prefer to get going straight away with new glasses!

Sadly, I now realise how out of focus I really have been for quite a while now… a second spring clean has been deemed necessary. Which is a bit of a pest – though I have done one or two small cleaning  tasks when I spotted they needed doing!

2 thoughts on “Being well adjusted.

  1. I’m with you on the varifocals – I find them wonderful! But made the mistake first time of having fashionable narrow lenses – which made the bits to look through for various distances rather small. If you see what I mean.

    PS You might know me as Nicodemia on the Ship

  2. Indeed, I do, Gilly!! Welcome.

    I was clearly advised not to go for fashionably narrow lenses and I stuck to the shape of frames I’ve had for the last, ooo, 38-ish years! Seems to have worked.

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