Monthly Archives: May 2011

I could do with a “Like lots and lots” button.

This has been a week for pondering many things, and concluding just going with the flow is currently best for my equilibrium!

It’s the time of year for my work to do odd things. This is accepted if you do my work. Until the start of the new academic year it goes thus – Hours are lost,and not replaced, normally. Change to what is left doesn’t happen, normally. Consistency with what is left is the key concept, normally. Except if you happen to be me, it would seem. I have a hideously packed and greatly changed timetable for the final weeks of the year which I’m only accepting because it’s a short half term, and the hours gained will more than compensate for the half-time hours I go onto for possibly a couple of months!

I am looking forwards to going to church tomorrow, and exploring the options for this possibility a bit further. It’s been so long since I’ve thought that about church, it’s a shock to myself, and a few others! It may involve some other mental shifts, but I think they may not be as huge as they seem to others who’ve not been following my thought processes (so, that’s the whole world bar me, the three people I talk to most regularly, and some of you who have read this blog!).

I’m probably feeling the most content, peaceful, and comfortable to be Japes that I have been for such a very long time, for which I am truly grateful, and very thankful.

Continuing with the “No Messing About” theme

Since I was on a roll after yesterday’s delightful and successful attempt at meeting new people (something I’ve been almost phobic about for a while now) I decided to grasp the nettle firmly, and take myself off to a new church. For, it  is patently obvious, after 18 months of trying and now dreading Sundays, it just isn’t going to work where I’ve been going. There is no blame or fault attached anywhere, it’s just not right.

So, after careful thought, and consideration, I took myself along to a church I’ve been looking at for a while, as I’ve gone past on the bus. It’s just finished a rebuild, and I was interested to see how it was going to work anyway. (Plain nosy, me!) It’s not going to be fair to make any detailed comment on today, as it was an unusual day anyway, but the gentle, unfussy welcome, without any pressure to do anything other than take part in the simple, well done service was exactly what I needed. It was also the kind of mixed congregation I’ve fitted into well in the past. A glorious muddle of all God’s people. So, I will go again over the next few weeks, and see how it is on some more normal Sundays.

More importantly, I came out of church feeling happy, and not stressed.

Being well adjusted.

So far, so very good. On the new glasses front, that is. I make no claim to be well adjusted in any other area of life at the moment.

After an initial “Um, is this right?” moment, as I did not like what I was seeing, before I realised there were some strange markings on the lenses which the nice young lady would remove as soon as she’d checked I was basically OK, I seem to have taken to varifocals with remarkable ease and rapidity. I did worry the optician by saying I was leaving them on! “But, that’s not a good idea…” I promised to be careful, to watch steps and kerbs, and that I wasn’t driving home. I do prefer to get going straight away with new glasses!

Sadly, I now realise how out of focus I really have been for quite a while now… a second spring clean has been deemed necessary. Which is a bit of a pest – though I have done one or two small cleaning  tasks when I spotted they needed doing!