Daily Archives: April 30, 2011

No Messing About

I may be one of the world’s chief procrastinators, but when action mode is activated, stuff gets done and leaves me wondering why I can’t be like that more often…. (I know full why why I’m not, I need a week to recover from these overly energetic phases, and if they last too long, those who know me well are prone to lectures on doing too much, learning to say “No” etc.)

All I did was go to book an appointment and an hour later came out having had my eyes tested, and new glasses purchased. This is a epoch making moment in the world of Japes’ eyesight, as varifocal lenses have been prescribed, as opposed to the usual single vision lenses.  Whilst I’m not entirely convinced by the idea of varifocals, given that I’m accustomed to wearing glasses all the time, it seemed worth trying rather than the different glasses for distance/reading glasses. I’m aware it make take time to adjust, but like the kind man said, “Go into it with a positive attitude, and that makes all the difference.”.

I was fascinated by the digital machine used to check which prescriptions I would need. This was a first. Ever since corrective surgery, aged 6, I have been well accustomed to the world of sight checks, and co-operating with the requests of opticians peering into my eyes. I am still occasionally disappointed that I no longer have to put birds in cages ( a visual exercise) and continue to warn opticians I might memorise lines of letters ( I liked getting the right answers. Aged 6/7, it seemed to me very sensible to memorise the letters when I could see them, then I’d be right when I couldn’t, and the very nice person playing this game with me would be pleased…..oh, the telling off I got when that little game was discovered!).

I  am sure the adventures of Japes and her new glasses will be recorded, in due course.

This bit of No Messing About extremely successfully achieved, this focused my mind on the next bit of No Messing About.  Birthday money – and not spending all of it useful items. As I’d seen trailers for the last of the Harry Potter films, it occurred to me seeing that seeing the one I’d not seen in the cinema would be a good idea. Indeed it was a good idea. I did purchase some more work T-shirts as well, this will be most useful as ironing them can then take place on a fortnightly, rather than every 8 working days, basis.

Then, as a result of Wedding Watching, and taking careful note of the music therein, I have purchased “Crown Imperial” for learning purposes. I have no doubt this will feature in potential upcoming nuptials at which I am required to play the organ.

The final bit of No Messing About involves the laundry. Both lots for the day out on the line, Ironing will take place later…

Now, in honour of the Real Wedding of the Year as well as ceasing all this activity, I am going to have the most enormous slice of cake, and cream scones.