Daily Archives: April 26, 2011

Project Front Door

Having spent yesterday sanding the front door, today is varnishing day. And, so far, so good… One minor incident with a small splodge on the carpet, which has been removed successfully.

So, asĀ  I am currently waiting out the requisite 4 hours between coats, and not wishing to move out of the front room whilst the front door is open, (no hallway in this house, just straight into the front room!) a little quiet catch up on writing tasks seems in order. I had been hoping to get away with not doing the inside of the door, but having inspected it closely, that’s not a goer. Most of the inside is OK, but some parts are definitely in need of re-varnishing. However, I refuse to spend the whole of my break on DIY, and will save that for the next one, or a sunny Saturday. It’s certainly less important than doing the outside, which has been on the To-Do list ever since I moved in.

The whole house does feel most thoroughly aired now!!

In other thoughts – it was a good Holy Week and Easter. Much more joyful on Easter Day this year, and a definite feeling of having moved on from the almost permanent doldrums of the last 18 months or so. Still not wanting to be “involved” in anything, other than to be there… but, this is how it needs to be for now, and with that I am content. When the time to do anything comes, it’ll be fine.

I’m slowly getting to grips with other stuff of life as well, and that’s good too. I was invited out for lunch on Easter Day, accepted, and went. That may not sound a big deal, but at the moment , to me, socialising is not at all easy, and extremely hard work. This has been the caseĀ  for quite some time now and, I am hoping, something that will begin to ease more as time goes on. For most of my life, I’ve enjoyed time with friends, and this very solitary period has not been in character, at all.

And… the four hours are up!