All good things

come, eventually, to those who wait!

So, it has finally come to pass that the holidays are upon me. No need to get up at silly-thirty o’clock tomorrow, no need to do battle with the railways for a whole twelve days. No need to think about being organised, or lunches, or anything other than my own life for a few days.

Mind you, the commute home was really rather ridiculous! I arrived at the station to find the train I was hoping to catch home had been cancelled, as had trains in the opposite direction, and the ominous sight of coaches sitting outside the station. The nice station staff (who know me) looked sorrowful, and pronounced my fate, without me even having to ask… the two sides of a triangle route home for me, the one that involves the only once an hour trainĀ  with only one carriage. “You might as well go and have a cup of coffee whilst you’re waiting” the nicest of them advised.

Luckily, a large supermarket is next to the station, so I toddled off there to get some bits and pieces, and arrived back to the miracle of A Train going on the direct route. It had obviously been a bad afternoon, as this was a Special Service, to get passengers from The City Where I Live, to The Town Where I Work. The plan being to get those passengers onto the buses, to The City Where I Used to Live, and to collect passengers to take them back to The City Where I Live. So, Hooray… I did not have to do the two sides of a triangle route after all, and actually got the whole of the Quiet Carriage to myself all the way home to The City Where I Live.

I am so looking forwards to a few lazy days…