An Awkward, In-between Weekend.

In that term has ended, but I still have to go in for three days before my holidays start….

So, I’m sort of demob happy, but not quite.

It’s been One Of Those Weeks. Partly due to me being really, really tired, and not up for being the calm, patient, cope with anything persona who normally inhabits my working world. Still, we have all reached the end of the term in one piece, more or less. Some good work has been done, as well, along with some steep learning curves.

All in one piece apart from my knee, which is currently causing me angst, and pain. I’ll do the exercises that help, and see how it is after a couple of weeks of not lugging around a heavy work bag, and standing on concrete floors for hours…. I think the battle for space to keep stuff at work is about to begin again. I need to have my boots and overalls available at work all the time, (I may not need them according to my timetable for the day, but I may be asked to cover sessions where I do need them) my paper work load is huge, I’m a walking stationery store (according to groups PVE3,  MC, BP and VRM!) and I need my lunch and snacks. Oh, and the travel mug and coffee. There just is nowhere to keep any of it, except with me. Those with cars store most of their extraneous stuff in their vehicles, I travel to work by train and walking!!

Then there has been the Sibling Situation, which accounted for a fair amount of the extra tiredness. I’m getting quite exasperated at the deeply mixed messages, and the “I’m only joking, you should know that” response, when I challenge her on some inappropriate remarks. Ah well, that’s unlikely to change, so I’ve had my say, reminded her we have different senses of humour, and hopefully that’ll be that until the next time. For, there will be a next time!

Still, I have some lovely books to read, no need to venture out to shops today, the sun is shining, and the chores are done. I think I shall just gently ease into holiday mode now, even though I’m not really officially there, yet.