Daily Archives: March 26, 2011

Nothing coherent

It’s been an odd few days… and I’m in quite a strange mood as a result!

On the not so good front,

  • one of my friends from primary school has lost both her parents in the last two months. I got to the first funeral, but am unlikely to get to the second. Which is bothering me more than I thought it would!
  • Some work relationships seem to have become extremely awkward as a result of my switching roles. It’s liveable with…. I’m also aware it’s their problem, but it doesn’t make it any nicer whilst the awkwardness is wearing off.
  • Just when I thought it was safe to turn the heating off, and leave my coat at home, it’s gone colder again!!

On the good front

  • I thought to check an e-mail account I’d not used for a while, and discovered several people still thought I was using it!! A happy time was had replying to e-mails from people I thought I’d lost touch with.
  • Some practical things are falling into place.
  • I’m enjoying my Lent book enormously, and it seems to be one of the right books for the right time kind of books I come across once every so often. (Barefoot Disciple by Stephen Cherry.)

I am going to alter my clocks now, in an attempt to kid myself I’m going to bed an hour earlier, and not losing any sleep…. we shall see.