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In which Japes has an Interesting Day..

It began with almost oversleeping!

This was not good – fifteen minutes to wake up isn’t enough!! So, apologies to the two people who tried to engage me in chirpy conversation on the platform at Main Station this morning, I genuinely was not awake enough to be capable of polite conversation.

I get a later start, and an earlier finish on a Thursday. This does not mean a slightly later journey though. It’s one of my days for going to Smaller Site for work, which is a stop after Larger Site stop… and trains only stop once an hour at Smaller Town, but half hourly in Larger Town. So, I meandered to a coffee shop, for a very large mug of coffee to assist the waking up process, and to while away the 40 minutes or so before I need to be on site. Those with whom I work will give no leeway for me being in oversleeping, not awake, grumpy mode. (Shame I have to be considerate to them in same mode…)

Once I was fully caffeinated, I made my way to work. On Thursdays I am prepared for anything, and normally need to be very alert for the five hours or so I’m with this group. They are delightful, but volatile.

To my delight, and surprise, the most unstable of the lot has found a project that is fully engaging his attention, and the morning past by without incident, as he was totally engrossed in producing the work not only in the format required, but going way beyond the minimum. Oh joy, oh happiness!!! Official, written recognition of this took place. He was utterly gobsmacked, we were delighted to be able to do so.

The afternoon produced more surprises. We found ourselves in a room with a piano!! We only needed a room with computers, the piano was unexpected. Two of them, including young Mr Unstable, made for the piano like bees to a honey pot. They did pick out recognisable tunes, so we left them to it, as the rest settled. Then, I kicked them off to work, and I started to play….

It was somewhat of a revelation all round. I haven’t played a proper piano for months, but l can always manage one or two things regardless of how in practice I am or not. There were serious dropped jaws all across the room, as Fur Elise emerged.

As a method of getting work completed this afternoon, it worked like a charm! Every half an hour or so, if work had been done, then some more snippets of music from the Japes’ repertoire were played (A bit of showing off with Beethoven’s Pathetique sonata, Debussy’s First Arabesque and Golliwog’s Cakewalk). At the end of the session, three of them had not only completed their work, but had remained receptive enough to learn to play, by ear, and me telling them what to play, the first few bars of Fur Elise for themselves. Including my young man of the morning who astounded me by continuing in engaged, engrossed, charming mode.Yay!!

I’ve been send home to learn two songs of their choice, and definitely not mine, but as neither is hard, it’s fine, We’ll use them in the lesson next week!! (The joys of downloadable sheet music… I don’t mind paying a minuscule amount for music for a one-off occasion!)

Shame I had to come home to deal with the utilities company, with whom I am not best pleased. I am calm now, but was not. I will from henceforth, take monthly readings, as I’m not going through that ridiculous conversation again.

I seem to be more exhausted now than if I’d done a full day at work!! There is some serious thinking to be done as a result…

Not what I meant to do today…

but, I feel considerably better than I did lying in bed this morning, not wanting to get up, and definitely not wanting to go to church and to the annual meeting.

So, I didn’t.

Which didn’t sit well with me for much of the morning.

However, I decided to go and get me a new cable for connecting my laptop to the router. The one I had still worked, but had a broken thingy, was slipping out really easily, and after a deeply frustrating time yesterday trying to watch an episode of Morse, ( getting adverts every time the cable slipped, the internet went down and ITVPlayer started again,) deemed a new one a necessity, not a luxury!

In wandering around the purveyor of electrical items, I chanced upon the music playing devices. Normally, since I’m still in the late 20th Century in such matters, I’ve not been investigating these items. At the moment moving into the 21st Century, musically speaking, is a far off dream, to be fulfilled after a number of other more essential dreams have been attended to. Anyway I can play CDs on the computer is what I have always reasoned.

But, a little CD playing machine, with FM/AM radio, and an iPod dock, was sitting looking lonely, with a 70% off price tag. Taking it to a very reasonable £19.99… After a little dithering, plus the realisation pay day was coming up, and I was, for once, still reasonably solvent at this end of the month, I succumbed. After, it had all I required, and more. I’m not bothered about DAB radio, I’ve had the use of one, and preferred the sound of FM. And, should my dream get fulfilled sooner, rather than later, I’m prepared!!

It is so nice to be playing my CDs again, and it has restored my soul more than I could have believed.

I will go to church this evening instead!

Nothing coherent

It’s been an odd few days… and I’m in quite a strange mood as a result!

On the not so good front,

  • one of my friends from primary school has lost both her parents in the last two months. I got to the first funeral, but am unlikely to get to the second. Which is bothering me more than I thought it would!
  • Some work relationships seem to have become extremely awkward as a result of my switching roles. It’s liveable with…. I’m also aware it’s their problem, but it doesn’t make it any nicer whilst the awkwardness is wearing off.
  • Just when I thought it was safe to turn the heating off, and leave my coat at home, it’s gone colder again!!

On the good front

  • I thought to check an e-mail account I’d not used for a while, and discovered several people still thought I was using it!! A happy time was had replying to e-mails from people I thought I’d lost touch with.
  • Some practical things are falling into place.
  • I’m enjoying my Lent book enormously, and it seems to be one of the right books for the right time kind of books I come across once every so often. (Barefoot Disciple by Stephen Cherry.)

I am going to alter my clocks now, in an attempt to kid myself I’m going to bed an hour earlier, and not losing any sleep…. we shall see.

The gentle sound of clattering pennies

were to be heard throughout Japes’ world this past week. A most pleasant sound, occasionally heard, but rarely in such quick succession. Oft-repeated words of wisdom  have finally been recognised as such, not just the continual nagging of a boring, middle-aged woman with nothing better to do than pick on the language, dress, and conversation of the older teenager/young adult of the species. Pennies have also been clattering about other oft-repeated words of wisdom on such matters as the use of capital letters, full stops, correct spelling…

There were also mutterings of a less pleasant kind, as those who would prefer not to see much of me suddenly realised I was around their department for far more time than they had realised, and my role in their life extended way beyond the 5.25 hours officially designated for me to be harassing them.

So, today, I have realised I have been working at quite a pace for a good few weeks now, and a calm, gentle weekend where all such matters are in excellent order and in no need of my watchful attention or correction is called for.

Scary thought..

My line manager wishes to clone me!! Several times!! Eeek! Personally, I think one of me is quite enough for this world to be coping with, however, on the grounds this was spoken during my annual appraisal, I guess I can take it as a compliment.

Mind you, I got to thinking this morning, as I was moving furniture, and pondering the arrangements of my upstairs rooms yet again…(just where does my prayer corner work best, and can I have my keyboard and hymn books adjacent to it without it feeling like a work space…) several of me could be quite useful.

I could send  one of me off to church to be the social, cheery person that appears to be the only acceptable kind of person at this church. I’m keeping going, because I quite enjoy being the Awkward So and So who does not fit in…

I could leave a Domestic Version at home, doing the housework, cooking, gardening, and even getting on with doing some painting, decorating,and general de-scruffyfying of the whole place. I’m slowly making up for the neglect of years, but it’s a slow process.

I could send one of me off visiting all “friends” who are whinging they never see me any more, (but who never actually make any attempt to visit me).

I could send one of me off to do all the academic courses people are trying to talk me into, and for which I have no inclination.

And, the several of me apparently needed at work.

Leaving Me to enjoy me and my life as I’m meant to!!

What a difference

Working routine is now back to “normal” for hours, but in one role only, rather than two. The difference is very, very marked. I’m working as many, if not more hours,  but stress levels have plummeted significantly, and the general energy levels have risen. I have been out and doing things for my own amusement and enjoyment today, something I’ve not done on a Saturday for months. Saturdays have been devoted to sleeping off the exhaustion and resentments that had built up all through the previous week.

So, when my travel routine was thrown yesterday, I wasn’t. When my tasks for the week were changed at very short notice several times, I just got on with it all.

I’ve got a lovely pile of new books to read, several music projects on the go, and all is well.