I might need saving from myself

Dear Lord,

I know I was in definite need of some oomph and energy to return. But for housework?!?!

Yes, I have been playing loud music, and doing lots and lots of odd chores all morning… and am enthused for the afternoon’s tasks of cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. The recycling has been attended to, the  last six months worth of paper is dealt with, and the shredable stuff is sitting in the hot water, being rendered unreadable (works remarkably well in the absence of a shredder, but somewhat messier.)

Mind you, the facts are that it’s raining, I have chocolate in the house,  I’m up to date with paperwork from work and I have no coursework corrections and amendments to do. (How dare my tutor take away my reason for delaying the chores for another week with the words. “Oh, easily at the highest level. Nothing more to do.”)

I am now sat down, and in time-honoured fashion, having a coffee and blogging break from said chores. A most satisfactory state of affairs.

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