A couple of weeks ago, there were saplings being given away.One had been given to a student who, I discovered, had snapped it in two and binned it…

I rescued it, brought it home, but did nothing other than putting it in my little utility room, which has a perspex roof, and forgot about it… I didn’t think it was going to survive the mauling it had had, (which had angered me, and the student heard all about it!) and was going to put it out with the green waste this week.

Today, against all the odds, it’s sprouting little leaves. It’s a very determined little sapling, and deserves to live!! I’ve got it a pot and some compost, and will be interested to see what happens next.

Yesterday, against all the odds, I discover there are bits of me alive that I thought had died, and weren’t ever going to be resurrected. I was wrong, they were merely hibernating, waiting for the right time and season to emerge. Despite the various attempts on numerous people’s parts to interfere, force things to happen.

Sometimes, it’s best just to leave things be.