No, not a finally moment for this blog. Blogging is not about to cease! You may rejoice or groan, as the moment takes you.

A “Finally I’ve stopped feeling totally exhausted, wiped out, tearful, cross-patchety, anti-social and might enjoy the last few days of the holidays now” moment… in which I am rejoicing.

Except – I’ve got to be very brave and go and buy a new computer tomorrow, and write 5,000 or so words before Tuesday. I’m far more confident about the latter than the former, as I’ve got most of the words in draft form, and know my subject, so it won’t take long once the motivation kicks in. If it hasn’t kicked in by tomorrow afternoon, I’m just going to have to kick it instead. Very, very hard – with the steel toe cap boots.

I’m marginally (well, OK – extremely) annoyed at the demise of my former computer, as it was not that old, and I had other plans for my Christmas and holiday pay money – and until I know the answers to the questions raised by work just before Christmas, it might have been more prudent to hang on to this money. Especially since my utilities provider has announced their price increases, and the train fares are going up by a shocking amount.  (Also, if the answer to my Very Important Question is the one I suspect it will be, then I won’t be accepting the suggested change at work, as I won’t be able to afford to.)

But, I do use the computer a lot for loads of different reasons, and it certainly is not a luxury item in my world. I’ve managed for the last few weeks, but not well!! (And the 5000 words would’ve been in better shape if I’d been able to work at home.)

On a different “Finally” – I was able to get out of the house today wearing my trainers, and not my boots, as the snow has all vanished.