Nothing like a good  cleaning session and clear out to sooth the Japes’ soul when all around is seemingly about to implode! I think it’s something to do with the fact I can’t do anything about that for another fortnight, so rather than worry, taking my mind off it with an early spring clean seems to be the way out of the despondency that had settled in for the duration.

Though, I am noting that a really thorough sort out and cleaning of the Japes’ domain is taking nowhere near as long as it used to – yet I am sure I am spending far less time on matters domestic than I have previously done in the past. I am doing very little work from home now, so whilst I still have some, the paraphernalia surrounding that work has all gone. Well, apart from a couple of boxes of bits and pieces – and it’s easily contained, unlike times of yore when hours could be spent puzzling over just how it was all going to fit in my room out of other people’s way.

This, of course, could be part of it! It’s all less of a burden than it used to be for lots of other reasons, now I think about it.  No more fitting in around other people’s ideas of how cleaning (or other matters domestic) should be done, when it should be done, and what should be done. I tend to do a job when I see it needs doing now,  and seem to keep on top of the day to day stuff without too much stress.

I’m also no longer hoarding things on a “This will come in handy,  for someone, one day” basis.  The last two pairs of jeans I’ve been keeping for years on the grounds I will fit into them one day have just been brought into use, as has the last lot of toiletries. (You have no idea how chuffed I am about the jeans!!) A large bag of bits and pieces for the charity shop is sitting awaiting my next wander up to the shops. As is a bag of clothes for recycling. (Yep, all too big!!)

Mind you, I do still have to be brave, sometime, and ditch the cassettes and videos….

One thought on “Domesticity

  1. Love your first sentence to this post, because I am the same way! One of my current frustrations in life is that I can’t just decide to clean out a closet when I need to. (Don’t have big enough chunks of time right now.)

    Hope you have a blessed 2010…and long life to your new computer! 😉


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