Brain ache

(Japes emerges from her month long mental lie down in a darkened corner, having hoped it would all go away and leave her alone. It didn’t, so a stern talking to was administered, and normal-ish service has been resumed.)

Oh me oh my, my poor, poor brain.

On the plus side,

  • My ancient O Level in Mathematics has been getting dusted down, and used again. Skills in geometry and trigonometry have been dragged out and re-used.
  • I know more about the internal combustion engine, braking and suspension systems than I did a week ago!
  • I am the proud possessor of a boiler suit, which has been suitably adapted for a Japes’ shape. (Or rather, will be by the end of this weekend, some sleeve adjustments are now needed in the light of a week’s experience!) It goes splendidly with the steel toe capped boots.
  • My inner 8 year old, who yearned to be an electrician or a motor mechanic or both has been getting very, very excited about the recent timetabling at work.
  • My inner 14 year old is shrieking, however, that Physics were given up pre-O Level for good reason.

On the negative side, there has been a lot of stress, and there is more to come.

This weekend, however, has been declared a lazy, do nothing two days.

One thought on “Brain ache

  1. I was very chuffed with my first pair of steel toecaps (for gardening course). All very workmanlike. (Not sure if the gender specificity of that word bothers me or not!)

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