Monthly Archives: September 2010


Just where did the last ten days go to? Today has been spent slobbing on the settee, with a little outing to get some new trousers, so I’m now sticking to the new dress code for work, and I’ve only just got around to getting washed and dressed prior to someone popping around in the next hour. Well, it’s arranged for “after 3.00 p.m.” which means anything from 2.00 p.m. onwards. [ETA – it was 2.44 p.m.! And, I’ve only just got back to this at 8.55 p.m.. ]

I’ve been reminding myself that this stage of the year in my field of work is always tricky, that this year for many reasons well beyond my control is trickier than others, and even I am occasionally allowed to be un-calm.

Anyway,  the summer work is over and done with, with only one or two small bits to complete, which I can only do on a work computer. It was well received, and only needs proofreading and a bit of standardisation across the various documents, but to all intents and purposes, I am finished with it. For which I am grateful, as I really did not enjoy doing it, and didn’t think it was going to pass muster at all.

I am deeply grateful for a good night’s sleep last night. A combination of noisy neighbours, who work shifts (all different ones) and who do not know how to close doors quietly at any time of day or night, re-training myself to the fact that there are two 5 0’clocks in the day, and that in those circumstances two 11 o’clocks are not good news, a couple of evenings out, and emotional exhaustion after the un-calm moment has not been good.

Now, I’m off to research overalls. I might well need them soon.

How weird.

I’ve spent most of the day feeling Not Quite Well, very queasy and uncomfortable, but nothing specific to account for it.

No appetite, so haven’t eaten, but been quite happy to drink coffee and all other liquids of choice.  Now, normally I go off coffee when Not Well, so I’m bemused. Have I been ill or not?

I certainly came home very tired yesterday, lots of information thrown at me, and achy from carrying a heavy backpack to work, and from bringing home more than I took in! Maybe I had Information Indigestion?

However, my appetite has decided to make itself known, so a light supper is currently cooking, then once that has settled, an early night – for I need to pack two days worth of work into tomorrow now! As well as make a major decision.. oh heck.


A whole series of mini-mehs!

Tomorrow is Return to Travelling to Work Day. Meh is possibly an understatement to describe my feelings about this.

Well, probably only for a couple of days this week – the other two will most likely be working from home, still.

I’m in that delightful “Do I really have to?” mode and  “I’m grateful I have a job, but…” mode as well.

I’m wondering if the house across the road could be persuaded to be repainted a more subtle shade. Despite the anti-glare on my glasses, the glare from the white paint, even on such a dull day as today is (though, I think the sun must be out somewhere south of my house, as there is a shadow on the house opposite), hurtful to the eye. I may need to move the furniture again…

I am deeply, deeply bored with the work I’ve been doing. And as is normal in such circumstances have left most of it until the last minute to do.I am about two hours away from the real “Argh” and panic kicking in, when I will get ten hours worth of work done in five hours.

I am going to have to give in, and remember to use moisturiser on my hands far more regularly than I currently do.

And get new glasses…. of the “For seeing with” variety not the “For the drinking out of”  variety. Though, the latter wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Now, I must take me and the computer off to the printer, which is upstairs. Or bring the printer down to me and the computer… there’s a thought!

Glaring at people trying to organise me

Listen up. You’ve have all summer to do these things. I have had very few fixed commitments for this month, and this afternoon’s is an Immoveable Feast.

So, no, I can’t come in to work to do something that’s been known about for months, but for which the working plan only got fixed the night before. If I’d know there was any chance I was needed on these days, I’d’ve kept them clear, but I didn’t. (Got a perfectly cheerful, pragmatic response to that one!! The person who does that kind of organising understands me, and vice versa. He knows he can ask, and where possible I will do whatever it is, but that occasionally, for excellent reason the answer will be “no”.)

The second one is trickier. I had to keep repeating to my landlady – you can come and do what ever it is any other time but not this afternoon.  I’m sorry you’d organised someone to come and help you, but that’s your problem to untangle. I’ve shifted other plans around to accommodate what you want to do, several times in the last months, this one I won’t. This one was much harder work… and I had to bite my tongue at several points.

What I didn’t say to either of them is that this afternoon has been tricky enough to organise, and I am distinctly nervous about it. Talking to someone new about possibly getting involved with a new bunch of people is deeply scary, and it’s something I am finding really difficult at the moment. Especially as it’s going to mean explaining some of the reasons I’ve had for holding back on getting involved.

Much of what the last few years have been about are beginning to make sense, and whatever it is that’s to come next might well be beginning to become clear. But, I’m not rushing it. Or trying to organise God… but, I do wish other people would stop trying to organise me!