It’s going to be such an exciting week..

Post title to be read very sarcastically.

In theory, (the official deadline for this work is Wednesday Morning) I need to get more work done in the next 48 hours than there are hours available. In practice, (the real deadline is Monday week) I’m probably spending the next five days being very stern with myself, and reminding myself it’s my Own Fault I will be working almost non-stop for the next five or six days.

I have done a fair chunk of it this afternoon and evening, though, and have more confidence that once I get down to it tomorrow, that it should be fairly straight forwards. Extremely boring, though.

Fast forwards three days!

In the meantime, I am feeling remarkably smug that the hard slog part of the work has been done, and I am just taking a break from putting it into one format, and doing a bit of creative messing about with the form to go with it all..

It’s amazing how urgent the need to wash the kitchen floor became during the worst of the hard slog. I valiantly resisted, and have only just succumbed to the lure of domesticated procrastination. It’s nice and shiny now.

But, I am really sitting down to recover from the Health and Safety Hazard Awareness Course my house has become over the last three days. Honestly, you’d never believe I have a Certificate telling me I’m Very Good at this stuff… not now I have just had to go and change my coffee sodden jeans,  put jeans and the slightly less sodden throws from the settee into the wash, had to wash the carpet, and make a fresh cup of coffee. Oh, and put clean jeans on.

  • I have two or three chairs in my kitchen with sticky-out bits on the legs, to enable said chairs to be linked together.
  • I moved said chairs to the doorway between the kitchen and sitting room to enable a clear kitchen floor.
  • I duly washed floor, and decided to sit down to enjoy my coffee, but it involved wriggling past the chairs in the doorway, and trying not to trip on the various wires of computer, printer, and ethernet cable also in the doorway – I have moved all this stuff temporarily to the kitchen/dining area as it’s the biggest table to work at, and still be connected to the internet. (I’ve not got wireless…)
  • I avoided cables, they were all neatly tucked up off the floor, and against the door, but failed to avoid the sticky-out bits of chairs.
  • This is because being shorter of leg than most jeans manufacturers are prepared to admit exist, and lacking in enthusiasm for sewing, jeans are turned up!
  • Turn up on jeans, meeting sticky-out bit of chairs, confused Japes, hot cup of coffee…

Sighs. It’s been a while since I’ve had quite such a dramatic moment. Which will teach me to be sarcastic about the excitements I thought this week was going to contain.

2 thoughts on “It’s going to be such an exciting week..

  1. Oh my: hope the rest of the week is less eventful on the hoeme-front. Perhaps something in the air…I managed to cut my finger rather deeply on a can of fava beans.

    And my prayers and warmest wishes for the work busyness ahead.

  2. You could well be right about something being in the air, Ian. I know once I start doing stupid things, repeat performances are likely!

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