Daily Archives: August 19, 2010


More decisions? Oh yes…

Except, they’re mostly in the pending pile! So, I’ve spent today thinking about them, musing on possibilities, and have shoved them back in the mental in-tray to be dealt with in about three weeks time. Because, actually, I can’t do anything about implementing them just yet, anyway! I am, however, extremely glad I decided against the possibility of returning to being a student for this year.

I had a delightful time this morning chatting with a former work colleague, and then visiting some others. It was lovely to see them all. It was a world I enjoyed working in, but am glad to be out of now.

Then, next week, I will be seeing more friends and people who talk sense!! Yippee!! That might also aid the decision implementing process.

On the not such fun side, I really must settle down to the pile of work I have to do before returning to work. It may well mean a few days of No Internet! Certainly a few days of fierce self-discipline. It’s not onerous work, but it will be boring work, and of a kind I thoroughly dislike, but am resigned to the fact it needs doing. Still, if this rain continues that won’t be such a hardship.