Daily Archives: August 15, 2010


I think the phase of crying in church at any hymn with any significant memory attached to it may be over! I was singing most enthusiastically¬† one that only a month or so back would’ve reduced me to tears, and was also moved to stop being an anti-social whatsit and stayed for coffee. I merely smiled at those who thought I was visiting for the first time.. and just pointed out I’d been coming regularly since Christmas.

I have a new High Score in the BBC Proms Quiz. Given I’m appallingly bad at identifying conductors and performers, which make up a higher proportion of the questions than I like, I do seem to be averaging at least 7/10 on most attempts. But, getting my answers clicked to get me at least 900 per question (you have to answer in under a second for that!) is beyond my capabilities, methinks. I shall be content if I get a High Score of 8000 before the end of the Proms Season. (7283 is my current score, for the curious).

The sun has been shining.

Proper butter on my toast.

E-mails sent round those who might have copies of the books I’m after!

Time for a snooze…